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Yuga Labs Reveals Details for Upcoming BAYC Project Mint


  • Yuga Labs has announced new details about an upcoming project and urged BAYC members to prepare for a “skills-based casting experience.”
  • Free claims for Sewer Pass NFTs will begin on January 17 for BAYC/MAYC owners (including potential secondary acquirers). The pass grants access to a skill-based challenge called “Dokie Dash.”
  • A multi-week interactive Mint event kicks off on January 18th, kicking off with “Dooky Dash” and ending on February 8th.

why it matters

Yuga Labs rocked the NFT industry in December with the announcement of an upcoming project called The Ordeal of Jimmy the MonkeySet to be a new chapter in the BAYC universe, information has come via short A film chronicling the curious and whimsical tale of keys, chests, and time-traveling apes.

Since then, the NFT space has been scrambling to piece together the breadcrumbs left by Yuga Labs. — A new website built to track the ongoing expansion — New definitive information has been revealed today. A guide was originally promised, but Yuga instead announced a skill game challenge that corresponds to Jimmy the Monkey’s story arc.

On January 18th, Yuga will launch “Dooky Dash,” a skill-based casting experience in the sewers of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. To be eligible to participate in this experience, a user must hold at least one sewer pass. This is his NFT starting January 17th as a free claim for BAYC or MAYC owners. Only BAYC community members can claim rights, but anyone who obtains a sewer pass through the secondary sale can participate in the experience.

Sewer Pass Billing and Dookie Dash both end on February 8th. Participants can play any number of times while the window is open. Statement by Yuga on Twitter Players must “play at least once and have a score greater than 0 to activate Sewer Pass”. After completing the skill-based mining experience, on February 15th, verified Sewer Passes will be eligible to transform into what Gary the Canine Prophet (a new character in the BAYC realm) calls a “power source.”

Given the cryptic nature of these power sources, users will likely need to play games to see what they collect in the sewers, what obstacles they destroy, and how long they survive. is judged by For more information on Dookey Dash, visit Official Yuga News Blogor visit

This story is a work in progress and will be updated.

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