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Xsolla adds NFT integration for developers alongside other new features – The Mobile Indian

Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, today announced that it has expanded its mobile and digital distribution solutions to increase opportunities for developers to launch and grow their games around the world. Xsolla has added a set of new features specifically designed for mobile games, as well as new checkout features to help developers grow their business by selling and distributing non-fungible tokens commonly referred to as NFTs. ..

The main purpose of the Xsolla Web Shop is to increase developer revenue, but we have announced the Xsolla Digital Distribution Hub, which connects games to global networks such as apps, internet service providers (ISPs) and banks. A channel that helps developers reach players and earn money from every transaction.

What’s new in the Xsolla Webshop for games

Xsolla is tailored to the ever-expanding mobile gaming landscape with the latest additions such as NFT integration and other new developments, leading global gaming revenue and driving the need for mobile web shops. I am. To help mobile game developers reach more players and stay at the forefront of the revolution, Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games has added new features such as:

Extended analysis: Developers can create a transparent goal-achieving process that makes it more efficient to bring new players to the web shop. This helps developers understand the online player experience and determine where and how users participate in the game.

Unique promotion: This built-in component helps developers benefit from in-app purchases through the web shop. Within the online experience, developers can offer promotional offers, launch discount campaigns, promotional code offers and bonuses to increase sales and bring new players online.

Subscription management: Xsolla has added a robust subscription feature to allow developers to sell a complete catalog of digital products in their web shop. This allows developers to acquire and retain new customers, build loyalty, generate reliable revenue streams, and manage their subscriptions with confidence.

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With the Xsolla Digital Distribution Hub, gamers can find and support their favorite games through an optimized multi-platform experience and pay when and how they want. Developers can benefit from increased market penetration and brand awareness through distribution channels such as SuperAppli, online banking apps, and mobile carrier marketplaces. With Digital Distribution Hub, your game can reach a huge number of new users, save on delivery costs, and increase overall revenue and engagement.

Xsolla will showcase these solutions and some innovative features at events over the next six months, including GamesBeatSummit 2022, Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle, Nordic Game Show, Pocket Gamer Toronto, China Joy and gamescom.

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