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XDCNFT Marketplace — A Best Alternative to Opensea Is Live and Open Now! By CoinQuora

XDCNFT Marketplace — The best alternative to Opensea is live and open now!
    • XDCNFT utilizes the XinFin blockchain ecosystem.
    • XinFin, one of the most futuristic hybrid blockchain platforms.
    • The XDCNFT platform uses the BLKZ token as its management token.

The non-fungible token (NFT) industry has certainly come a long way. Initially, it received a lot of criticism, but soon the industry came to life. On that side, a surge in the industry will lead to a surge in all the various trends of companies that indulge in it, and intensify competition.

Therefore, given the subject matter of NFT marketplaces and platforms, OpenSea is always dominated by being the leading global NFT marketplace. But so far, competition has not remained.

That’s why XinFin, one of the most futuristic hybrid blockchain platforms, has devised its own NFT marketplace, XDCNFT. Since the launch of XDCNFT, the project has been launched through constant partnership and technical indulgence.

Road to inheritance of XDCNFT

First, XDCNFT runs fully on the XinFin blockchain ecosystem. XDCNFT was actually brought to you by Blocks Workz, based in London, England. BlocksWorkz is a technology-based company that is clearly dedicated to the design and launch of various NFT projects, including blockchain technology.

In addition, BlocksWorkz’s native token, the BLKZ token, will be one of the two management tokens on the XDC NFT platform. Another management token is the XDC that belongs to the XinFin network. All NFTs on the platform can only be purchased using these two tokens.

There are actually many terms that the XDC NFT Marketplace seeks to establish itself and are comparable to other NFT platforms. Considering the XinFin (XRC20) network, the cost of a single transaction on the XDC blockchain is only $ 1.

Similarly, when buying and selling NFTs with XDC NFT, the transaction cost is only 1%. That is, either the seller or the buyer uses only 1% of the total NFT cost as transaction fees.

On the other hand, the installation fee of XDCNFT is completely zero, and it has never been acquired by other NFT marketplaces. Apart from all of this, XDC NFT has partnered with the UK motorsport industry, especially the UK GT, and has been approved for motorsport in a variety of NFT-based live-action films.

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