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Wrap Your Mind Around NFTs And Other Ways To Get An Education On Vacation

All trends show people who want to get more out of their trip. Living under the shadow of the coronavirus for more than 712 days (but who is counting?) We are hungry to rob more than memories from our vacation. It’s like understanding what an NFT is, why you need to worry about it, and completing your own salsa recipe.

Eric Warner, the hotel owner and principal of Eaglepoint Hotel Partners, who hosts the NFT Weekend at the Soundview Hotel in Greenport, NY, wants to provide a community of people who own a stream of shared experiences rooted in culture and creativity. increase. “This weekend is time to make meaningful connections and memories with a diverse group of people who bring special skills, stories and perspectives to conversation, not just NFT education,” he says. There are several properties we are looking for to strengthen our guest’s connection to culture and community.

Learn about NFTs Sound view hotelGreenport, NY

You can’t shake your smartphone without hitting 12 stories about non-fungible tokens, but most people still can’t explain exactly what they are.Get some clarity with Sound view hotel NFNFT WeekendMarch 25-27, Taras Kravtchouk, a seasoned editor and artist like Brendan Fernandez, and a master of environmentally friendly movements like TARFORM’s founder and CEO, will try to explain everything. Yes, there is a panel with promising concrete examples and expert opinions to encourage open exchange and education on the Metaverse and NFTs. However, there are also hands-on workshops to get you out of your head, such as polar bear plunge, cocktail making classes, art and poetry sessions.

Make salsa using molcajete, Velas Resort in Mexico

Velas Resorts has long focused on bringing guests into touch with Mexican traditions. The new workshop promises to train your biceps while becoming a salsa master. At the resort collection facilities in Los Cavos, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, guests can learn about a variety of salsa and create them using Molcajete (Mexican mortar and pestle made from volcanic rocks). The hard and rough surface of ancient cookware ensures that the user derives the strongest taste from the spices and ingredients prepared. Or look for something more delicate at the company’s Casa Velas, an adult-only boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta. The hotel has introduced workshops for guests to create. Avanicos — A traditional folding fan made of paper, cloth, or lace.

Become bird watching Mohonk Mountain House

Bird watching is one of the strongest pandemic activities. Learn the basics at Birdwatching and Spring Nature Weekend from May 13th to 15th at Mohonk Mountain House in New York. Weekends are attended by hiking, birdwalks, workshops and environmental educators for exploring the natural world awakened at the top of the resort. The event will be led by environmental scientist Kurt Weiskotten, certified wildlife biologist Mike Losito, entomologist Wayne Gall, former audio curator Greg Budney, and associate professor Heather Huson, including bird walks and snakes. Introducing a series of bird watching and natural activities to guests. Showcases, nature sketch sessions, etc.

Pick up self-care strategies at Mirabal Austin

Mirabal What series we are reading Through book signatures and writer-led workshops, guests will have the opportunity to meet the resort’s favorite writers. In June of this year, the resort held an imagination of the author with Dr. Gregory Scott Brown, a board-certified psychiatrist and mental health writer, to discuss his new book, The Self-Healing Mind, with guests. Gain a deeper understanding of what affects mental health. .. Dr. Gregory Scott Brown shares an accessible and holistic approach to tools for improving self-care and health through exclusive lectures.

Explore Thailand’s vibrant culinary culture Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

Immerse yourself in Thai cuisine with Anantara’s Spice Spoon Program. Depart brightly and early with the chef, visit local markets to buy fresh produce, stop by for coffee with the locals, and visit the farm for a gourmet breakfast picnic. Take your prizes back to the resort, stop by the herb and vegetable gardens to pick a few more and learn how to turn the dishes you choose step by step into a kitchen classroom. Finally, enjoy your work for lunch.

Take a look behind the scenes of cowboy boot design. Rosewood Mansion in Turtle Creek

Following many collaborations between hotels (intentionally punished) Milon CrosbyRosewood Mansion, a women-led cowboy boots brand founded by Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sara Means, is hosting the Bootmaking Master Class on March 24, 2022. Mansion boots -Impressive Limited Edition Cowboy Boots Created to Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Mansion in 2020-The Dallas Duo is a design inspiration to teach guests the secrets and skills of modern cowboy boot making. Return to the source.

Aromatherapy for children, Grand Velas Los Cabos

This Healthy Kids Aromatherapy Workshop creates a child-friendly essence that can be used in combination for a variety of purposes. The combination can not only help the child relax at bedtime, but also create many other beneficial functions that help the child lead a daily life. Inspired by local Mexican culture, this workshop is part of the property’s “Spa Atelier” concept, which complements spa treatments and philosophies with guest-oriented educational workshops based on ancient Ayurvedic medical principles. ..


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