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Wrangler® Announces First-of-its-kind NFT, That Links the Metaverse With Physical World

Greensboro, NC-()-Wrangler®Is a brand dedicated to creating the best denim in the world for the past 75 years, with an uncompromising dedication to authenticity and timeless design, a milestone anniversary focused on the next frontier, the Metaverse. Start the day. Celebrating our partnership with Grammy Award-winning recording artist Leon BridgesMr. Wrangler “ Monica, it starts Two-part NFT drop This allows fans to directly participate in incredible events and exclusive content saddles, both virtually and realistically.

First in February Wrangler Release 75 digital animations icon-Tier NFT Featuring one of Bridges’ signature dance moves.Each Icon-Tier NFT provides collectors with access to a virtual digital community Wrangler-In addition to the brand’s Metaverse wearables, one VIP pass to an invitation-only private performance by Leon Bridges at New York Fashion Week in September 2022. At the end of the 7-day auction on the LTD.INC platform, these 75 icon level digital NFTs will be available for trading on secondary NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea.

In September, Wrangler In addition, we will announce the one and only Legendary Tier NFT and put it up for auction. Featuring replicas of Wrangler Custom denim jacket and jeans outfit created for Leon Bridges.. Delivered in a bespoke retrofuturism suitcase, the physical suit is the only one outside Bridges’ private archive, with a meticulously constructed digital content vault sewn into the seams. We give the winner of the auction exclusive access to the content. What the bridge created for them. The accompanying 1-of-1 digital NFT represents ownership of this work of art on the blockchain. This work of art survives only on the LTD.INC platform and retains exclusive properties available only to NFT owners.

“Fashion, technology and music are influencing us all. I love how. Wrangler This wild vehicle interconnects all three, “says Bridges. “Use Wrangler, As I convey the roots of Texas and the essence of who I am, I am honored to help the brand celebrate its history while continuing to write the future. ”

“”Wrangler Is a brand that has always been inspired by the Wild West and has prospered, and Metaverse is just our next destination. ” Wrangler.. “We are driving towards the future of fashion and celebrating 75 years of history with the following in mind: Through this series of unexpected physical, digital and metaverse experiences, Leon Bridges and everything I can’t wait to celebrate with the fans. ”

For fans who do not interfere with any of these limited NFTs, Wrangler We will also host a comprehensive Metaverse event called Wrangler Bath™, will be held in September.

Wrangler, And its parent company, Kontoor Brands, will continue to celebrate the brand’s unparalleled impact on fashion, music and entertainment with additional collaborations and events throughout the year.To get the latest information # Wrangler 75Visit and follow your brand on social media.

About Wrangler®

Wrangler®Kontoor Brands (NYSE: KTB) has been a full-fledged American-style icon for 75 years. With a rich heritage rooted in the Western lifestyle Wrangler We are committed to providing superior quality and timeless design. The collection for men, women and children looks and feels great, and everyone who wears it is strong and ready for everyday life. Wrangler You can buy it at retail stores around the world, including flagship stores in Denver and Dallas, department stores, mass market retailers, specialty stores, prestigious clothing stores, and online. For more information, please visit

About Leon Bridges

Gold-Diggers Sound, where he worked as a dishwasher, street performer on his beloved street in Fort Worth, Texas, signed a major label, won multiples, and eventually won a Grammy Award within two years. Performed at the White House of former President Barack Obama. Following the release of his second Grammy-winning album, Good Thing, Leon includes a track with John Mayer, Kacey Musgraves, Kiana Rede, Lucky Day, Noah Cyrus, and Texas Sun, a collaborative project with fellow Texans. Announced a stable flow of music. Khruangbin. Other career highlights include the opening of Harry Styles on the Arena Tour, his platinum-certified breakout track “River”, and the Global GAP Holiday with Gil Scott-Heron as First Man in Damian Chazel. Starring in the campaign, including winning the CMT Award in Crossroads Collaboration, starring in the Tom Ford NYFW show with Luke Combs, sold out the Hollywood Bowl with MoMA’s movie awards in honor of Tom Hanks , Spent consecutive nights at Radio City Music Hall. Leon has also released a Space Jam track: the new Legacy Official Soundtrack. He is currently nominated for two Grammy Awards, Best Traditional R & B Performance and Best R & B Album.


LTD.INC is highly curated to partner with iconic artists, creators and brands to launch a very rare physical + digital NFT collection and experience through Ethereum blockchain and NFT technology. The platform. Founded in London in 2020, LTD.INC Drops is art, design, fashion, lifestyle, luxury, music and sports. LTD.INC’s mobile app and scanning technology give collectors instant authentication, access to exclusive content and experiences, and creators to manage and monetize IP distribution through the secondary market. For more information, please visit: Invest in culture.

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