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WISeKey (WKEY) Announces New NFT Collections

December 20, 2021 12:52 PM EST

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WISeKey International Holding (NASDAQ: WKEY) We have announced new artists to participate in the WISE.ART NFT Marketplace. The artist is increasingly looking to the future of tokens that will overturn the economics of content creation and its impact on the Internet.

Artists added to the platform include names such as:

  • Javier Ares: Javier Arrés is a world-renowned motion / GIF artist and winner of the 2019 London Art Biennale. Inspired by stunning views from his childhood home overlooking his hometown of Motril, Spain, Earl is known for his subtly detailed illustrations of fantastic landscapes from cities, architecture and machinery. He also brings these worlds to life through what he calls “visual toys.” Through these visual toys, Arrés invites viewers into a fantastic world and encourages them to play with their imagination.
  • Galamirissa: Gala Mirissa is a digital artist based in Barcelona and Reus (Targona). She still produces artistic digital artwork, but one of Gala’s hallmarks is her multifaceted skill in combining photography and art with motion graphics, a universal language movement. Create something that looks lively while feeling the song of our body. As a finalist of Best Technical Innovation at VISUAL ARTIST AWARDS MIAMI 2018, she was selected as an international filmmaker Biennale Women’s Cinema Car and was interviewed to claim her participation in multimedia art. (((( (
  • Oscar Carasco: The generated image has some common axes. A particular light that comes into contact with something mysterious. The light that is the soul of these abandoned urban giants, pierced by silence. Absence is another concept closely related to oblivion. The lack of human existence draws our attention to these places and is the exact opposite of the non-places described by the French anthropologist Marc Ogier, who was a unique reflection of postmodernism. In Oscar’s own words, “I am interested in the ruins as a critique of the devastating forces of civilization and human beings, as a reminder of their vanity and failure in the face of time and the environment.”
  • TC Stalker: Artist // Hobbies // Digital art // Deviation for 12 years. An expressionist artist who mixes calm color palettes, transformers, and humans and interacts in a very elegant and emotional mood.
  • Alejandro Pereira: Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra is a very talented traditional / digital sculptor. He has been involved in the production of film and anime series and licenses for over 7 years. Marvel, DC, Universal Studios, Star Wars, etc. He is also involved in 3D animation and digital sculpture for well-known companies, and frequently uses his skills to create magnificent statues such as Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant and McFarlane Toys.
  • Nacho Riesco: Nacho Riesco Gostanza is a 2D / 3D artist from Madrid, Spain. You may be most familiar with his intricate and captivating jewelery style, but his talent goes far beyond that. With a background that begins with fine arts and illustrations and expands to include digital engraving tools, his accuracy in capturing each piece of art is unmatched. Using KeyShot, he compares the rendering process to the cinema, finds comfort in the workflow, and enables him to realize his work as soon as he can imagine. We talk to him to find out more about his background and why the ZBrush / KeyShot combo is so valuable.
  • Juanma Espinosa: Drafting engineer, illustrator and graphic designer Juanma Espinosa is known for her expressive storyboards. He has solid experience in the world of cinema, animation and advertising.
  • Gallardo: Manuel J Gallardo specializes in 3D design, especially with great elves, hard surfaces, reflections, light and shade. He has worked for the most popular brands in the automotive industry.
  • Max Mitenkov: Belarusian digital artist Max Mitenkov. To combine a post-apocalyptic environment with a more personal person, Mitenkov creates a fascinating world in opposition to them.
  • Luca Bonfanti: Contemporary artist Luka Bonfanti tries different languages, captures each of these new emotions and conveys them to those who observe his work. Paintings made in essential form are primitive in some respects, with very delicate color choices and poetic in a dreamy atmosphere. According to Freud, if a dream is an apparently irrational series of unconscious events that can give meaning, art is certainly a way of expressing and interpreting these events.
  • Bica Koba: Leveraging the power of art as a conceptual tool, her digital canvas, video furniture, installations, and upcoming virtual reality use visual and audio simulations to confront social practices and achieve a sustainable balance. Makes you aware of the possibility of getting rid of it. society.
  • P & L: We are two daemons. Daemons are supernatural mediators who convey creative ideas to humans. Most humans ignore us because they are “too busy” with stupid distractions and comedy excuses. Our favorite excuse is “no time”. We tried to tell them that there was no such thing as time. But they don’t have time to talk about time. Daemons do not work hard. The job is for humans. They do a grunt job. Ugly work. Blood, sweat and tears work. Our job is to whisper smart ideas to traffic jams and people sitting in the bathroom. This is very interesting.
    • Microphone Nwugogo: Michael Nwugogo is a master of abstract art, taking his own color on a walk and pursuing lines across the void. It’s a very quiet art with dramas flying around. His sense of composition is amazing, and the equilibrium is in perfect harmony between classy and bold, hot, cold, busy, or quiet.

WISe.ART provides both a secure marketplace and platform, allowing NFT buyers and sellers to easily connect cryptocurrency wallets to instantly buy or list NFTs for sale. WISeKey has added support for Polygon and CasperLabs blockchains, significantly reducing and even eliminating gas charges for Wise.ART marketplace creators, buyers, and sellers. WISe.ART is committed to cross-blockchain support, with Ethereum, Polygon and CasperLabs support to enable a truly open data economy and gradually add new chains to WiseKey’s overall strategy. Ensure interoperability and scalability as part. Web3.0 revolution.

The WISe.Art platform has evolved into a full-fledged market with features including unique digital currencies, curators and multipliers, white labeling options, and custom-made NFTs to meet the needs of high-value buyers and sellers. doing. design.

The NFT design of the WISe.Art platform provides an irreversible to physical object, in addition to a set of contracts describing proof of ownership, history, and future use, as well as certified and signed versions of real digital assets. Link is set. Monetization stream, if needed.

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