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WhitelistNFT Launches Whitelist Management Platform that Helps NFT Collectors and NFT Project Founders

Dallas, February 2, 2022 / PRNewswire / -WhitelistNFT, LLC recently launched MintPass on January 30th. 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.. The WhitelistNFT MintPass is a user’s ticket to future NFT pre-sale by community-scrutinized top projects that manage and promote pre-sale using the Whitelist NFT platform.

WhitelistNFT has created a set of applications that connect NFT collectors, NFT project founders, and the existing NFT community to a tightly integrated ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. NFT collectors who own the WhitelistNFT MintPass will participate in the voting process to scrutinize future NFT drops and receive full support from the Whitelist NFT Partner Network, which includes some of the most famous NFT projects in the field, including DogePound. To decide. , Hash masks, and many others.

If the project passes the community vote, it will be broadcast to the Whitelist NFT Partner Community, which is made up of hundreds of thousands of NFT collectors. In return for this promotion, WhitelistNFT requires these projects to book “Whitelist Spots” on pre-sale for WhitelistNFT MintPass holders and partner communities. This will give all collectors of the WhitelistNFT ecosystem early access to these drops, often at a lower price. It is generally available.

The WhitelistNFT platform is powered by some serious engineering built by a team that has worked together for over 10 years for some of Silicon Valley’s most famous companies. Discord is deeply integrated into the platform. This is important for the founders of NFTs, as Discord has become the de facto community management tool for NFT spaces. WhitelistNFT awards whitelist spots to the founders of NFT projects and provides a very efficient way to collect wallet addresses from within Discord. Wallet addresses are stored “off-chain”, saving founders thousands of dollars in Ethereum gas bills and avoiding the logistical issues associated with collecting wallet addresses. This is possible through a new solution that uses a “merkle tree” to validate the wallet address without having to store the wallet address in a smart contract.

“Before 2021, NFTs were primarily about art. From 2022, space will evolve rapidly towards practicality, building an increasingly sophisticated software platform around the NFT collection.” I am saying. Leroyware (Also known as Zorpheux), Whitelist NFT co-founder, Crypto Investor, and Entrepreneur. “Our platform leverages the collective wisdom and experience of the community to scrutinize the project, which keeps the community involved and before the project is broadcast to our partners. Guaranteed to be reviewed and approved. “

WhitelistNFT is building a large NFT community gallery for the Whitelist NFT community by donating a significant percentage of the revenue from the initial MintPass sales and the ongoing platform revenue. WhitelistNFT will soon airdrop a crypto token called $ MINT to MintPass holders. These tokens can be “burned” in exchange for NFTs in the community gallery, with an additional $ each time a MintPass owner participates in a client pre-sale through a “Mint to Earning” model that looks like the first. You can get MINT tokens. That kind of thing in space.

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About Whitelist NFT
WhitelistNFT is the leading allocator of major NFT whitelist pre-sale slots created by WenMint engineers, providing NFT collectors with early access to future projects and a powerful tool for the founders of NFT projects. We provide suites and promotional support.

Follow WhitelistNFT and Twitter’s latest drops on @WhitelistNFTxyz and Discord.

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