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White Castle cooks up ‘Sliderverse’ NFT collection celebrating chain’s centennial

Dive briefs:

  • White Castle has worked with Doodle Labs to create a collection of 5,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the fast food chain. According to the news release.. Brandgenuity, Whitecastle’s exclusive licensing agency, manages the deployment of the program.
  • The work of “Sliderverse”, which refers to the brand’s signature menu, was designed by digital artist Che-Yu Wu. His previous work in the field of crypto art includes the Sailo-o-Bots or “Sea Ham” collections. Sliderverse NFTs are created using minting technology generated by ArtBlocks’ algorithms that generate their own assets at the time of purchase. White Castle is the first brand partner to apply this solution.
  • White Castle donates a portion of its proceeds to a team member scholarship fund that helps frontline employees and benefits colleagues and their families. The ambitious move to NFT spaces follows other quick service restaurants, but arrives as bigger brand safety questions arise regarding technology.

Dive Insight:

White Castle, like many companies, is entering the NFT with a rich collection of digital art celebrating its 100th anniversary.Brands are jumping into and taking advantage of blockchain-based formats Consumer enthusiasm for collectiblesSpeculative investors and superfans will pay a lot to secure unique digital souvenirs that can become more valuable over time. Marketers who can successfully sell out NFTs beyond the financial factor want to prove that their brand has true fairness with consumers.

Fast food has played a major role in the marketing rush of NFTs.McDonald’s to revive McDonald’s at the beginning of autumn Get a limited collection Items that are difficult to find otherwise are enshrined as assets that can be owned.Burger King I tried a tactical gamed take Release the package containing the QR code that accessed the NFT piece at the time of scanning. Collecting the full set unlocks additional rewards, like products signed by celebrity ambassadors participating in the larger Keep It Real Meals promotion.

However, the past few weeks have revealed how NFTs are likely to impact risks that marketers may not have initially considered. Anonymous users slurred their messages using the McDonald’s crypto wallet address attached to the McRib campaign. AdAge reported.. Offensive remarks were embedded in the code, but due to the unchanging nature of the technology that enhances NFTs, brands don’t have an easy way to scrub it.

Trial and error is expected when the brand rolls dice with Metaverse NFTs and other unproven tactics. Brand safety considerations could play a bigger role in next year’s strategy as the field gets more crowded and attracts more scrutiny.

In the case of White Castle, the NFT move is based on other initiatives that have sought to position the brand as a positive digital marketing force.Around Thanksgiving, chains Set up an account on OnlyFansShare recipes with sliders, primarily on subscription-based social media platforms associated with adult content.

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