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What is the true nature of the NFT bubble

Everyone knows that NFTs are bubbles. The real question is “what kind of bubble?” If the bubble bursts, is the technology offered by NFTs that will be investigated in more detail worthwhile? Or is NFT a fad “here today, tomorrow disappeared”?

The problem is ambiguous. NFTs can be more valuable than ever, as the inevitable impact of the Metaverse is approaching the horizon. The concept of owning a digital collector’s item may seem insubstantial in our physical reality, but the concept has different weights in the digital space within the Metaverse.

In the video linked above, YouTuber’s extraordinary Jake Tran in business and finance depicts some strong similarities between the NFT and the dot-com bubble in the late 90’s. Trang also explains why NFTs are gaining momentum by jumping into the concept of crypto whales with the rise of the crypto market.

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