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What is Jelly eSports? – Asia Crypto Today

The world of eSports is constantly growing and evolving. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Technology has added a new dimension to the industry. The Jelly eSports NFT project is Solana By creating our own eSports team, sponsoring the best talent from around the world to participate in gaming tournaments, and representing the Jelly brand, we contribute to NFT technology and the global eSports industry.


The Jelly eSports project has a growing ecosystem of games, raffles, auctions and community events. The project also has various use cases for Jelly tokens that can be earned by staking Rascals in the Stake House. The team behind Jelly eSports is committed to delivering on that promise and producing the cleanest, smoothest feature in the field.

What is Jelly eSports?

Jelly eSports is a project that aims to connect the world of Solana NFT technology with the global eSports industry. This project creates its own eSports team, sponsors the best talent from around the world participating in gaming tournaments, and represents the Jelly brand.

The Jelly eSports ecosystem includes games, raffles, auctions, community events, and various use cases for Jelly tokens. The team behind Jelly eSports is committed to delivering on that promise and producing the cleanest, smoothest feature in the field.

The JellyLabs initiative brings together some of the most creative minds in the field to come up with fresh ideas for utilities, keep up with trends, generate revenue for projects, and generate jelly tokens. The JellyLabs team is already working on many ideas and will work with the development team to bring these ideas to life and provide value to Rascal holders.

The mission of the JellyLabs initiative is to never stop innovating, adding value to our community, and becoming one of Solana’s most popular and successful companies. The Jelly Community is a great place for pro and casual gamers alike. Games like JellyDrop and Poker have something for everyone. Whether you’re a pro gamer or he just enjoys Warzone with a great community, the Jelly community is the perfect place for you.

Origins of the Jelly eSports NFT Collection

The Jelly eSports NFT Collection, also known as Jellybabies, was created by JellyPapa with the aim of building community-based projects focused on education and financial management through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The original collection was set to consist of 5,555 Jellybaby, with a low casting cost of 0.10 SOL. However, due to a lack of understanding of business strategy and marketing, the project suffered from sellouts and was later scaled back to 3,333.

JellyPapa later announced that it could no longer afford to continue funding the project and apologized for failing to realize its vision. It was later revealed that his JellyPapa, also known as SolanaCitizen, was slowly draining project funds into his own pocket.

Return of Jellybaby under new leadership

Carlos stepped in to take over the project and quickly assembled an all-star team from a variety of blue-chip projects. He started injecting his own capital into the project to take it in a new direction, with a focus on eSports. Within days, a new his website was built with his platform for staking Jelly tokens and the Jelloto raffle was launched. To this day, Jerotto has delivered an impressive collection of his NFTs excellent from collections such as DeGods, Stoned Ape Club and Catalina Whale Mixer.

The Jelly eSports NFT collection continued to evolve with the introduction of Gamerooms, a deflationary collection of sophisticated 3D rendered game rooms that acted as a bridge between the original Jellybabies and Rascals. Rascals is his collection of 6,666 sassy and depraved characters, wreaking mayhem across the Solana NFT network, each with over 200 unique traits. Rascals is the Jelly eSports brand’s first true his PFP-inspired collection, with the main aim to upgrade the original his Jellybabies art and bring a whole new wave of utility to the online gaming space. .

You can wager each Rascal to win $5JELLY per day or place it in the game room for a wager multiplier. The first group of Rascals was created through a process called Overdrive. In this process, the original Jellybaby was placed on his platform staking along with his two girlfriend Gamerooms, and the “Overdrive” button was pressed to send Jelly Rascals through a portal. His second group of Rascals is created through a process called AlterEgo. Her current Rascal owner can pay a toll with $JELLY and bring in another character through the portal to expand her community.

However, an unknown error in the portal bridge during the overdrive process caused a rift between worlds, pulling in characters from various famous games and movies. His second group of Rascals (rank 3333-6666) cannot stake on his platform until the AlterEgo process is complete.

The Jelly Stake House is where users can deposit various Jelly eSports NFTs into the platform to start earning Jelly Tokens. Users can claim $JELLY at any time and there is no lockup period for NFTs so they can stake and unstake freely. However, many people choose to keep staking his NFTs as they may get more profit from staking the multiplier.

jelly token

Jelly Token, also known as $JELLY, is the native cryptocurrency of the Jelly eSports ecosystem. Used as a reward for staking Jelly eSports NFTs such as JellyBabies and Rascals in the Stake House. The total supply of $JELLY is 50,000,000, which will be held in the staking wallet and used for staking rewards for JellyBabies and Rascals holders.

Staking reward

One of the primary ways to earn $JELLY is by staking Jelly eSports NFTs in our stake houses. JellyBabies earn 1 $JELLY per day, while Rascals earn 5 $JELLY per day. Additionally, the Game Room acts as a staking multiplier when combined with other NFTs. A 1/1 game room offers a 6x multiplier and a rank 4 game room offers a 2x multiplier.

Using $JELLY

Earned $JELLY can be used in all utilities, games and tournaments within the Jelly eSports ecosystem. In addition, $JELLY can be exchanged for other tokens on various marketplaces such as DexLabs and Famous Fox Federation. It is important to note that trading $JELLY elsewhere is not recommended unless the token market is verified by the Jelly eSports team.


Jelly Tokens are an integral part of the Jelly eSports ecosystem, serving as rewards for staking NFTs and as a means of utilizing various games and utilities within the platform. By staking his NFTs in the stakehouse, the user can earn $JELLY and take advantage of the various multipliers offered by the game room. This creates a dynamic and engaging ecosystem for users to enjoy and participate in.

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