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What is a woman? – BusinessWorld Online


“Woman, I can hardly express …” sang John Lennon.

Unfortunately, it seems that few people today can describe what a “woman” is. Not even a candidate for the US Supreme Court.And if USA Today Believe it or not even a member of a medical professional. This is embarrassing because the latter was also the same as telling us to continue to inject the vaccine for complete fear of COVID. But that’s another matter.

As liberal progressives argue, if there really isn’t a coherent way to define what a woman is, then:

• Chivalry is not an issue.

• The first rules for women and children must be set aside.

• There is no basis for separate sports departments and separate toilets.

• Gender-based criminal law that protects women should be abolished.

• The law on women’s rights should be abolished.

• Treaties involving women’s rights should be terminated.

• Gender equality research should be closed. When,

• Women’s month is meaningless.

But until this year, everyone knew what a woman was. Cambridge dictionary We define “female” as “adult female human” or “wife or female sexual partner”. The Collins English Dictionary “Women” are said to be “adult female humans”. Wiki: “Women are adult women.” And what is a “woman”? The “sex that can lay young people or lay eggs” (Cambridge dictionary), “Bring a baby from that body” (Collins English Dictionary), Or “the sex of the organism that produces the large non-motile egg (egg cell), the type of gamete (sex cell) that fuses with the male gamete during sexual reproduction” (Wiki).

However, liberal progressives try to confuse the problem by mistakenly distinguishing between “gender” and “gender.” The former is a physical feature such as genitals and chromosomes, and the latter is a method of identifying a person.

The problem with that subjective approach is that it doesn’t make sense in the end. The logical conclusion is that the words “male” and “female” have no meaning. And even if actually being a woman is just a “construct”, the question arises of what the person identifying as a “woman” really means. By the way, that identification is also clearly a construct.

There is no clear distinction between gender and gender. Focusing on the family director of family formation research, Glenn Stanton wrote: “Why sex and gender are not two different things?” FederalistOctober 15, 2019): “From 14th In the century, gender refers to the essence of what men and women are, and comes from the genes or genes at the root of the Proto-Indo-European language. It basically refers to the creation, birth, and birth of new human beings, as in the creation or generation. “

In addition, “the grammatical roots of the gonads-genes / generations” are the origin, the generation (in terms of both the one produced and the historical time frame in which it was produced), and, of course, the genitals, these two, etc. Also associated with the word is the unavoidable binary part of the human body that helps our gonads and associated coordinating parts do what the gonads do: generate. “

Therefore, “gender” is actually “the farthest thing from a mere social construct”, and the words “gender” and “gender” are certainly two objective aspects of the same coin. To put it another way, people are just making things up. “

Indeed, what makes a woman a woman (and a man a man) runs into the very heart of our DNA, the basic molecule that contains the genetic indications of our physical existence. DNA strands are called “chromosomes.” Women have two similar X chromosomes. Men, on the other hand, have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome.

And the reason for making a woman a woman is to follow the wiring of the woman’s brain itself. “Women are good at measuring almost all language abilities except for the analogy of words. Women’s reading and writing skills are always better than men on average. They are finely motor-coordinated. And better than men in perceptual speed tests. They are good at getting information from long-term memory.

“Men, on average, can more easily manipulate items in working memory. They have excellent visual space skills. What when complex 2D or 3D shapes rotate in space? It’s great for visualizing what happens, correctly determining the angle from the horizontal, tracking moving objects, and aiming at projectiles. “(” Two Hearts: Male and Female Cognition The difference of” Stanford medicine2017).

The characteristics that make up women are so deep that some scientists even claim that men are more closely associated with male chimpanzees than women! (((( And here )

Wisely, our own Supreme Court has so far refused to succumb to progressive nonsense. In Silverio vs. Republic (GR No. 174689), it was determined very accurately that “a person’s gender was determined at birth” and “immutable”. Therefore, gender is defined as “the sum of the structural and functional characteristics that distinguish men and women” or “the distinction between men and women.” Women are “the sex that lays or makes younger eggs”, and men are “the sex that has the sperm-laying organs to fertilize the eggs”.

Besides, John Lennon (“female”), Billy Joel (“she is always a woman”), Urge Overkill (“girl, you will soon become a woman”), Roy Orbison (“pretty woman”) ) No one knows what they are singing.

Jemy Gatdula is a Senior Research Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations of the Philippines and a Law Lecturer at the Philippine Justice Academy for Constitutional Philosophy and Law.

Twitter @ jemygatdula

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