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What are DC Comics NFTs and how can you join the marketplace?

Ever wanted to own a piece of Gotham? Perhaps the pressed flowers in Poison Ivy’s garden, or the jars of chemicals from Axis Chemicals, or the Batarang inhabiting the bricks of Crime Alley?

Here’s your chance to own a unique piece of Batman’s city. in fact, DC ComicsA collectible digital project is the closest you’ll get to having something that no one else has, not just from Gotham, but from the entire DC Multiverse.

At the end of May 2022, DC will fully enter the digital token multiverse with the beta launch of its NFT Marketplace. It’s a marketplace where fans can buy and sell unique DC digital collections, from exclusive collections that promise to influence comic book stories.

You don’t have to start Batcomputer yet. Here is an overview of the DC NFT collection and how to participate.

What are NFTs?

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NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, first appeared in the mid-2010s, but it has become increasingly difficult to escape them over the past two years. NFTs can technically be associated with anything digital, but are most commonly associated with art. If you’ve heard of NFT artwork, it’s a digital work published as a unique unit of data on the blockchain. Blockchain is a digital ledger that captures the unique identity of any asset, whether it’s a music album or the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The owner knows only her NFT exists because the blockchain proves it.

NFTs are closely related to cryptocurrencies. NFTs are based on the same blockchain technology, and cryptographic tokens are used to create or issue NFTs. Most commonly, NFTs are created using Ethereum (ETH), but there is one crucial difference between NFTs and cryptographic tokens such as ETH. The non-fungible part of the name means that the NFT is unique. There may be three Jokers, but DC NFT collectors will own an item like no other.

NFT isn’t just about Gotham. Many companies, media properties, and sports teams are participating in this digital revolution. In the world of comics, DC and rival Marvel have made big strides in the field late in his summer of 2021.

It’s worth noting that, like broader cryptocurrencies and decentralized financial markets, NFTs are very new and highly volatile. NFT sales will explode in 2021, reaching a staggering peak of $12.5 billion in the first quarter of 2022. Decreased to $3.4 billion after 6 monthsIn other words, NFT trading is highly speculative. Still, amid volatility in the market, DC is the brand that fans are looking at as a way to own a piece of the legend and take the first steps into Web3, the decentralized, token-based future internet. is just one of

Introducing FanDome NFTs

Screen grab via DC

Like any great comic event, DC’s NFT Marketplace also had a prologue.

DC provided NFTs to fans who signed up for the 2021 DC FanDome. The fan convention was the publisher’s premier online event to release updates on multimedia projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, participants were assigned a code to mint his one of 15 of his NFT collectibles to celebrate his 50th anniversary of DC cover art. Their designs were based on retro-futuristic storage devices, with covers featuring iconic characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Harley Quinn. As DC said at the time, it was just the beginning.

The FanDome collection was backed by Palm, a sustainable blockchain ecosystem involved in high-profile projects like Damien Hirst. currencyPalm’s stated intention is to provide NFT technology that is as flexible as the artist is creative. What they say is technology that is “dedicated to creating a sustainable future for digital fandom.” And that has led to the formation of high-profile partnerships with brands including Major League Baseball.Following FanDome, Palm partnered with DC to launch a broader digital initiative.

What is DC Comic Marketplace?

Screen grab via DC

The DC Comics Marketplace has launched with a bat cowl collection and a great slogan. Join a faction. “

DC offered collectibles related to events in the comics, promised a two-year journey into the DC Universe, and promised exclusive perks and interactions with future stories.

The Launch Bat Cowl Collection offers up to 200,000 unique 3D Bat Cowl NFTs, and was made available to former FanDome participants during a pre-sale period and then through a deal on the DC Marketplace.

What do you get with DC NFT?

Screen grab via DC

Fans who cast the bat cowl received a unique cowl NFT, distinguished by various characteristics such as materials, lighting effects and backgrounds, with regular feature updates. We also had access to Bat Faction HQ and Snapchat AR lenses.Especially intriguing was the integrated storytelling that promised an opportunity for the cowl owner to influence future comics: with one vote his NFT owner chose the cover Batman: Legacy Cowl #1.

How can I participate in DC NFT?

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The bat cowl collection was just the beginning. DC plans to launch new NFTs on a regular basis. With each launch, fans can build their DC NFT collection by purchasing with a credit or debit card, or with existing account credit balances. Payments via cryptocurrency wallets are expected soon.

The DC NFT collection launched so far includes:

  • GCDK Sigil Collection
  • Harley Quinn Freakin’ Awesome Box of Mayhem
  • harley quinn charm offensive
  • DC FanDome 2021 Collection
  • Batman collection

An interesting new collection has arrived in October 2022. The DC Collectible Comics Collection is a series of NFT minted legacy and minted DC comics, including fully readable digital versions. The first release was, of course, his own title, his iconic 1939 debut Man of Steel. Superman #1In its original first edition paper form, it was the most expensive comics on the planet, but fall 2022 early adopters can get the NFT version starting at $9.99. This collection of comics is always expanding, and Poison Ivy’s cover will be out in his January 2023 release.

After purchasing NFTs, fans can trade their NFTs on the official DC NFT Marketplace Beta. Beta means that the marketplace is evolving and new features will roll out while it’s live. The mechanism is well known from eBay and trading card transactions.

To sell NFTs, Fans must sign in to verify their identity and list their products at the target Want to buy Simply sign in to browse the listings and purchase.

Of course, this is a free market with unique items in limited quantities.Once the launch sells out, the only place fans will be able to get a copy is through the marketplace, and the sellers know it. Will be the most expensive NFT ever sold It probably makes Bruce Wayne think twice.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a digital slice of the DC Multiverse. However, all fans should use their Dark Knight detective skills to explore the collection and decide if this part of the comic book titan is right for them.

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