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WeWork : Immutable offers workspace flexibility at WeWork to drive global expansion 

Sydney, June 1, 2022: ImmutableAustralian Gaming and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Trading Startups today announced a partnership with a global flexible workspace company. We workWeWorkAllAccess is adopted to support global operation.

The immutable announcement follows the year’s significant growth and $ 2.5 billion valuation following the most recent $ 200 million Series C funding round. With more than 250 staff around the world and the ambition to double staff next year, Immutable is a global where people achieve excellence, do meaningful work, belong and feel connected. Creating a destination to join the team. WeWork All Access complements the company’s Sydney headquarters and gives Immutable’s fast-growing team access to WeWork’s domestic portfolio and global network.

For Australia’s first crypto unicorn, this move is part of a remote-first workplace initiative that prioritizes flexibility while providing team members with a consistent employee experience. By partnering with WeWork, Immutable teams will have access to over 700 WeWork locations and will be able to work where and how they choose.

As a company in a fast-growing industry, it’s important to attract and retain the best talent to drive innovation and growth. Over the last two years, flexibility has moved to the top of the job seeker’s priority list. Immutable’s flexible workplace approach helps maintain and expand an excellent talent pool wherever you are, providing freedom and autonomy in your workspace.

While employees around the world are slowly returning to the office, WeWork’s all-access not only provides physical space for employees to connect in the most convenient locations, but also limits creativity and collaboration. It also provides a place that is not but encouraged. Immutable employees have access to meeting rooms, study, communal breakout space, and complementary event programming and wellness activities.

Launched by WeWork in 2020, WeWork AllAccess is a monthly subscription-based product that gives organizations greater flexibility in workspaces around the world and helps organizations adapt to new hybrid models to attract and retain talent. , Complements WeWork’s core office space business. At the end of the first quarter of 2022, all-access membership increased to 55,000, an increase of 22% quarterly.

Kath Rau, Chief Human Resources Officer of Immutable, said: “While growing, one of the company’s main concerns is to uphold the culture, give employees ample flexibility, and enable them to grow. With WeWork All Access , Teams can conveniently work from over 700 locations around the world, and benefit from a creative and hard-working community. This partnership gives us more talent. We hope to join you and enjoy the new Remote First workplace policy. ”

Balder Tol, General Manager of Australia and Southeast Asia at WeWork, said: “We welcome Immutable to WeWork and are pleased to partner with them to provide the required workspace flexibility. Australia-born innovation leader and incredible international growth trajectory. Having Immutable is a great example of a remote-first business that grants access. Access to workspaces around the world is an important resource for connecting, innovating and prospering culture. ”

About WeWork

WeWork Inc. (NYSE: WE) was founded in 2010 with the vision of creating an environment where people and businesses can work together to do their best. Since then, we have become one of the world’s leading flexible space providers working to deliver technology-driven turnkey solutions, flexible spaces, and community experiences. For more information on WeWork, please visit

About immutables

Based in Sydney, Immutable and its industry-leading platform, Immutable X, is a pioneer in Web3 and NFT technology, focusing on Layer 2 liquidity solutions that bring scalability, affordability, and power to the Ethereum NFT ecosystem. increase.Protocol supplied by StarkWare’ ■ StarkEx’s innovative technology can process 9000 transactions (TPS) per second without gas charges and can be easily switched on and off in a carbon-neutral environment. Immutable X supports the world of NFTs through high-performance mining and trading with all the security and decentralization that Ethereum offers. Immutable X has already announced integrations with major markets such as OpenSea and Mintable, and is the largest of the Gods Unchained (player’s second largest blockchain game) Guild of Guardians, Ember Sword, ESL Gaming and GreenPark Sports. Powers some of the NFT projects and games. , Illuvium, Vee Friends, TikTok and more. Immutable is the parent company of Immutable X and is the developer and publisher of major NFT games such as Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians. Immutable was founded in 2018 by James Ferguson, Robbie Ferguson and Alex Connolly.


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