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“Weimar Signs” In Brooklyn Show The Money Is Broken

We have been tracking Weimar sign In this rag since it was revealed in April of last year that it faced a long-term blockade, including artificially restricted economic activity and printing of money. Yesterday’s rag was an example of a sign of Weimar. This emphasizes the fact that the government currently in charge of the federal government has begun to point the industry at the fact that it has caused a rise in prices rather than valuing the government for a large overshoot and introspecting it a bit. Because it is doing. The central bank has embarked on the last two years (and in fact 50 years) and is raising its hand to admit that there may be at least some negligence.

Today, we’ll highlight another Weimar sign surfaced by friend Alpha Zeta, highlighting what’s happening to small businesses on the ground. Having personally experienced a hyperinflationary event in Brazil, Alpha Zeta stimulated the antennae to recognize pattern recognition between life in Brazil and current events in the United States. As you can see from the email above from the Brooklyn boutique bike shop, small businesses are starting to panic and if you want to buy a product at a relatively reasonable price, you need to buy it early, not later. We are actively warning our customers. This is not a good sign, but highlights some of the high and hyperinflation that many mainstream financial media and thinking disciplines tend to dismiss. Social transmission that occurs when people expect price increases.


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