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Web3 Gaming Marketplace Integrates with Immutable X To Expand Offerings for Core Gamers

New York – ()–aquaWeb3, a player-centric community marketplace built for gamers, today announced a partnership with Immutable X, a leading blockchain platform that simplifies the creation of non-fungible token (NFT) projects for developers. did. AQUA will help Immutable’s catalog of blockchain gaming partners gain traction and raise awareness among a wider gaming audience. Immutable, on the other hand, provides the backend technology and ecosystem that enables these games to thrive.

Sean Ryan, CEO of AQUA, said: “We are looking for partners who understand the needs of our players and go beyond the norm to deliver custom experiences, and we are thrilled to build them with IMX.”

AQUA already features top blockchain games such as Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Axie Infinity, and more great Web3 games in the coming months. Using Immutable’s powerful ZK rollup technology, Immutable X provides AQUA’s full suite of gaming partners with verifiable provenance for in-game digital assets as fully carbon-neutral NFTs. Ethereum blockchain.

Immutable co-founder and president Robbie Ferguson said: “ImmutableX is looking forward to providing his partners a seamless, gas-free NFT trading experience for AQUA games as we work together to bring his next billion players to web3. increase.”

By dedicating itself to in-game assets with true utility, AQUA creates a better marketplace experience and serves as a point of entry and discovery for new players while hyper-serving today’s gamers. increase. For more information, see:

About Aqua

AQUA is a player-centric community marketplace built for web3 gamers. AQUA allows the player to explore the evolving world of his Web3 game, providing deep insights and data points on in-game assets and the content they need to buy, sell and trade game NFTs from their favorite titles. and tools. Composed of gaming industry veterans and funded by his web3 experts from investment platform DIGITAL, AQUA aims to build a better experience for players in the Metaverse.

About Immutable X

immutable is an industry-leading NFT issuance and trading platform, powering the next generation of web3 games through Immutable X, the world’s first Layer 2 fast scaling solution on Ethereum.

Immutable X now leverages ZK rollup technology. starkwarehas grown to become the leading platform to create, trade and scale web3 games and NFT projects on Ethereum, offering builders and innovators a carbon-free, gas-free platform with unlimited speed, scalability, security and liquidity. We provide solutions. Immutable X is one of the largest NFT plays across consumer apps (TikTok), DeFi (SuperFarm) and games (GameStop, ESL Gaming, Ember Sword, Planet Quest, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, GreenPark Sports, Illuvium) strengthening the department.

Join the Immutable X community. discord, reddit, twitter, Instagram, telegram When Youtube.

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