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Warner Brothers To Release ‘Hybrid’ Nft Trading Cards Based On Dc Comics

Warner Bros. and Cartamundi Group have collaborated to create the world’s first collection of hybrid trading cards based on DC Comics. Cartamundi is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of board games, playing cards and trading cards. The two giants have joined together to create 6 million “hybrid” trading cards, each with its own redeemable NFT. This is the first time we have used blockchain technology to create NFT-based hybrid trading cards.

“Cartamundi is excited to partner with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring the new groundbreaking hybrid physics and digital fan engagement platform and solution, Hro, to market,” said Cartamundi CEO. Stefaan Merckx states on the official DC Comics blog. “As a company, we are committed to providing our partners and fans with unprecedented global experience and innovative solutions.”

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Throughout the DC Universe, 155 superheroes will appear on physical cards, and their NFTs will be created on the Ethereum-based Immutable X sidechain (Layer 2 protocol). Warner Bros. will release these cards designed by the Cartamundi Group in the new Hro app. The app integrates the physical and digital worlds by acting as a marketplace for NFT cards. Since each card is “hybrid” in nature, the user must log in to the Hro app to take advantage of the NFT linked to their physical card.

“Hro provides DC fans, crypto enthusiasts and trading card collectors with the first opportunity to step into a deeper fan experience and enter the gateway to a new era,” said Ann Viaene, CMO of Cartamundi. It says the same. Announcement post. “We celebrate the best of DC by featuring iconic heroes, villains, places, gadgets, and moments that fans know and love.”

Each card has a QR code that links to the Hro app’s twins when scanning. DC-based hybrid cards will be released in 6 different packs: 7 Card Flow Pack, 2 Pack, Premium 2 Pack, Premium 4 Pack, Starter 8 Pack, and 24 Pack Card Display Unit (CDU). These packs start with 7 cards and continue to 168 cards. Prices range from $ 5 to $ 120, depending on the pack. The official announcement is that limited edition packs will also be released throughout the year.

“Trading cards have been a fan favorite for decades. The combination of collection enthusiasm and custom NFTs is great, and this program brings the DC brand to fans in an unprecedented way,” Warner said. Pamliford, President of Media Global Brands and Experiences, said in an official blog. DC comics. “This platform provides fans with a whole new way to interact with their favorite characters from across the DC Multiverse, expanding their ability to interact with other collectors.”

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