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Warner Bros. Is Transforming the Original ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movie Into a Web3 Experience

The “Lord of the Rings” movie franchise is moving on-chain with the launch of the new Web3 movie experience.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, the studio behind the fantasy film series, Non-fungible token (NFT) The collection is associated with the original “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings” film.Interactive experiences are now preview available Available from October 21st.

in cooperation with ElbioA utility-focused blockchain aimed at enabling the internet for video, priced at $100 each. Each NFT allows collectors to watch enhanced versions of movies, access special features, and discover augmented reality (AR) collections.

It’s part of Warner Bros. and the first drop in the new WB’s “Movieverse” marketplace. A larger effort to tokenize major films in the archive.

“This initiative is significant as a potential new way to handle film distribution directly to fans. Executive vice president and general manager Jessica Shell told CoinDesk.

in the meantime Web3 native entertainment It’s on the rise with projects such as Mila Kunis’ “”.gimmick‘ or Kevin Smith’s next movie ‘secret network“Warner Bros.’s latest initiative could re-engage its fan community through new Web3 technology. The entertainment company also Recently partnered with pop culture retail brand Funko We offer physical and digital comic book collectibles.

Eluvio CEO and co-founder Michelle Munson said:

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