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Wait, what? Student is ‘selling his soul’ as NFT via OpenSea

NFTs are now a buzzword and millions of people around the world are trying this service. With a strange list of people selling flatulences and marriage clippings viral, students are now “selling his soul” as an NFT via OpenSea.

Wait, what? You read it correctly! Stijnvan Schaik, 21, a student at The Hague Academy of Arts, cites his soul as a digital work of art. High seas.. “Hello, welcome to my profile,” he wrote on the list. “I’m selling my soul here. Ask me anything about me or my soul while I still own it.”

Self-proclaimed “Stinus”, Stijn has created a website dedicated to this effort.according to ReportThe list includes:

  • Publicly claim to be the owner of the soul in question.

  • Transfer all or part of the above soul to any individual or group for any reason.

  • To sacrifice or provide the above soul, in whole or in part, to any divine or spiritual entity.

  • To spend or use all or part of the soul for the purpose of reducing the value, quantity, or substance of the soul, or including it in a larger whole.

  • Transferring the burden, credit, or responsibility of action reflected in the state of the soul from another soul to this soul, or from this soul to another.

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Published: Thursday, March 31, 2022 4:53 pm IST

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