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Vitalik Buterin and Stephen Fung joining NFT Taipei with airdrops and perks galore

Taiwan’s most important blockchain week in 2022, NFT Carnival (NFT Taipei) will be held in Taipei next week from December 9th to 18th. Yat Siu and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and hundreds of local and international artists.

Other speakers at NFT Taipei included Fan Shen, Vice President of Gaming Partnerships at Dapper Labs, Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at The Sandbox, Lennix Lai, Managing Director of Financial Markets at OKX, Animoca These include Kyoya Okazawa, co-founder and chief investment officer of Brands, and Porsche. Marketing Director of Taiwan, Daniel Feucht.

Suji Yan, founder of Buterin and Mask Network, dedicated to developing Web3 open source tools for social media, will have a fireside chat during NFT Taipei. Many of Vitalik’s fans look forward to public Q&A sessions to learn about current market trends and his Ethereum outlook and future prospects. Especially, it’s been a long time since Vitalik participated in an event in Taiwan.

Renowned Hong Kong film director and actor Stephen Fong will also be one of the speakers at the conference, discussing the possibilities of filmmaking and IP in the Web 3 era.

For every NFT Taipei ticket purchase, 3 different NFTs will be airdropped. It acts as a digital goodies bag containing premium benefits and discounts offered by NFT Taipei’s partners. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Buy tickets at NFT Taipei International Conference Ticketing sitePlease enter your wallet address in the registration form to receive the NFT Taipei Ticket NFT, Dream Pass VIP NFT, Token Oasis NFT airdrop.
  2. General users have completed registration for the Dream Pass Official website Enter your ThunderCore TT wallet address to receive a limited edition Dream Pass General NFT. This can be redeemed for exclusive gifts at participating stores and businesses.
  3. The public can also head to Token Oasis event websiteenter your contact information and Polygon Wallet address to receive exclusive Token Oasis NFTs and exclusive offers from participating stores and businesses.

Dream Pass NFT holders

Dream Pass NFT owners are Syntrend, EcLife, Backbone, WeMo Scooter, Halfway to Future, and far.

Dream Pass is a collaborative effort by Web3 startups in Taiwan. Re:Dreamer is an NFT Redeem Protocol layer. ThunderCore, a layer 1 public blockchain. Dynamics, NFT technology provider. Seoul; and MetaCRM. Together they created two sets of dynamic NFTs to extend the Web3 experience into the physical world. We will partner with RTM, FOMO Asia, Blockbusters Lab, SparkLabs Taiwan, Sunday Lab and Taihu Brewing to host the “Travelverse 3.0” event. The event sheds light on the diversity of NFT redemption integrated into daily life and presents prospects for future global business development by his Web3 start-up in Taiwan.

Token Oasis NFT holders

Adopting a “take to earn” philosophy to build the next generation shopping experience and urban lifestyle, 2022 Token Oasis NFT We partner with hundreds of companies including Reste Cafe, Musee Studio, Flow and Row Cafe and more. By presenting the Token Oasis NFT at the time of purchase at partner stores, anyone can become a Token Oasis player, experience a fusion of the virtual world and reality, and receive exclusive discounts.

Additionally, the Token Oasis NFT will act as an admission ticket to the OneOffs NFT International Art Fair.


About NFT Taipei

of NFT Taipei The event is coordinated by NADA (NFT Application and Development Association), a group of Taiwan’s top teams in public chains, marketplaces, games, art, music, social, etc.

NADA has partnered with BlockTempo, the world’s top 3 blockchain media in China. one-off, an international team of art curators. Lootex, the first his NFT marketplace in Taiwan. Passion, a Web3 social platform tool. His ThunderCore, a layer 1 public blockchain with top 5 global daily users. Re:Dreamer, NFT Redeem Protocol layer. ReBorno, a Web3 marketing consultant. 0x0, Metaverse music publisher. SecuX, a cold wallet manufacturer. A new chapter has also opened with the support of the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency and his Startup Island Taiwan. NFT Taipei.

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