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Vibe Inu is here to close the gap between Artists and Fans

Toronto, May 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Vibe Inu is a decentralized video streaming application developed to support future music artists and video content creators. It will allow them to work hard in the music industry and will also help content creators monetize their content on web3. Vibe Inu also offers an NFT marketplace that allows you to trade NFTs for your favorite artists and provides artists with a dedicated music streaming application to let artists around the world listen to their songs. Their goal is to bring together passionate music fans, artists, producers and creative content makers to vibrate and strengthen the music industry in the process.

They have a system in place to support artists by making donations, helping with marketing, and organizing road tours and concerts. Every week, new artists take part in live performances in Vibe Inu’s telegram community.

Vibe Studio:

A decentralized video streaming service built on Ethereum’s mainnet. It provides a platform for a variety of up-and-coming artists to showcase their talents and deliver content to fans around the world.

Vibe Virtual Show:

Vibe hosts weekly shows in the Telegram community, featuring notable artists in the community. The top 100 most streamed artists will also be featured on the platform.

Vibe Music NFT Marketplace:

Vibe will be the first music NFT marketplace. Featuring all genres and popular artists. All music is available in NFT format and can be streamed on our platform. It’s the first in the crypto market and the innovation the music industry is urgently needed.

Vibe Artist Fund:

Payments are paid to Vibe Studio and Vibe Music content creators on a per-view and per-stream basis, respectively. Artists can track payments and manage them for marketing and promotion to open up new opportunities.

Vibe Dao:

Vibe will establish DAO to provide governance to holders on how to distribute funds to creative artists and content creators.

Roadmap and development plan from 2022 to 2023

Phase 1:

Launch in Uniswap, then list in CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Hold community events, launch streaming Dapp, launch advertising campaigns. We will hold a YouTube live stream and an AMA session.

Phase 2:

Launching a music streaming application. Audit contracts by a reputable agency. After launching the tokens on the decentralized exchange, integrate DAO.

Phase 3:

Inboarding influencers and celebrities to promote our platform and place ads on Billboard. Launch a commodity store and get a more focused exchange.

Phase 4:

Launch of NFT Staking and NFT Marketplace. Get a Certik Audit and register a music agency. Roadmap extension.







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