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Collectors can prepare for a whole new perspective with the VeVe app this month

Auckland, New Zealand, April 28, 2022 / PRNewswire /- VeVeThe Largest Mobile First Digital Collector Platform Announces New Partnership with Legendary “Riverspective” Artist Patrick Hughes To bring a series of his famous works of art to the platform Saturday, April 30 so 8 am PT for $ 200.00 each.

Hughes, most famous for his reversible works, specializes in optical illusions, the science of perception, and the nature of artistic expression. In the first drop, fans can buy two of his classic pieces exclusively from the VeVe app. App Store When Google play..

“”Patrick Hughes Is one of the most influential artists of this generation, and our enthusiastic community of collectors loves to showcase his famous optical illusion works as digital works of art in virtual showrooms. I believe. ” David You, Co-founder of VeVe. “VeVe believes it’s a great way for artists to reach out to new audiences and commemorate their work digitally and forever.”

The parts of the Patrick Hughes Series 1 collection are:

  • consider Venice -Provides six planes of reverse perspective with each window, door, balcony and railing towards the horizon, even if the structure is moving in the opposite direction. Glittering reflections and shadows in the water help the entire image move from left to right and up and down.
  • Crate expectations -When viewed from the front, it looks like it is moving away toward infinity. Also, when you look at the reflective structure with a moving observer or video camera, it rotates and twists.

Through the VeVe platform, fans can showcase their digital collections as a spectacular 3D diorama in the app’s virtual showroom, and virtually access, comment on, and like other collectors’ showrooms. VeVe also provides an augmented reality (AR) photo mode that allows collectors to interact with all digital collectibles in 3D and share collectibles on VeVe’s in-app social feeds or external social platforms. In addition, VeVe uses Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling protocol, Immutable X, which reduces the environmental footprint by 99.9%.

For more information on the VeVe app, please visit the official website. Here..You can find image assets Here..

about Patrick Hughes:
Patrick held his first solo exhibition at the Portal Gallery in 1961. London.. It was the first solo exhibition by a pop artist, but it wasn’t called that at the time. A few years later, Hughes created two original reverse perspective works, Infinity and Sticking-out Room. In the 1970s, Hughes’ name became synonymous with rainbow painting and was also very popular as a print and postcard. People enjoyed them as decorations, but for Hughes the rainbow represents a solid experience. In the late 1980s, Hughes revisited taking advantage of the difference between perspective and reflexive, solidified space. For the past 25 years, his 3D reversal paintings have been in great demand, exhibited around the world and featured in many public collections.Experience I saw Patrick Hughes The sculpted painting is actually an experience of the paradox of unreal and fantastic space and movement.

About VeVe:
Founded in 2018, VeVe was created by collectors to bring premium licensed NFT digital collectors to the mass market. With over 2.6 million active users and over 4 million NFTs, VeVe is MobileFirst’s largest digital collector platform and one of the highest-selling entertainment apps on the Google Play and Apple stores.

Utilizing both blockchain and augmented reality technology, VeVe offers premium licensed merchandise from major brands such as DC Comics and Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Tokidoki, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future. For the first time, these brands will be able to offer customizations to their collections after their first sale, creating endless revenue potential for both new and previously offered products. In addition, VeVe’s 3D Augmented Reality Photo Mode allows collectors to interact with all digital collectors and share collector’s items on VeVe’s in-app social feeds and external social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. ..

of March 2021, VeVe has worked on a 100% carbon-neutral NFT and has provided more than $ 7 million in grants to environmental nonprofits to raise funds for purposes through NFT promotions. In addition, VeVe uses Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling protocol, Immutable X, to provide instant transaction confirmation, scalability (more than 9,000 transactions per second), zero gas rates, and a 99.9% reduction in environmental footprint. increase.

The VeVe Digital Collectible app is available for both iOS and Android.

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Alex Gonzalez
VeVe Senior Marketing Director
[email protected]

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