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Venly Now Supports Ethereum’s Leading Layer 2 Immutable X

Brussels, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Venly, a leading blockchain technology provider, announces a partnership with Immutable X, Ethereum’s leading layer 2 scaling solution for non-fungible tokens, invincible block Popularized chain solutions for growth. audience.

Through the partnership, Immutable X aims to easily onboard users through the semi-custodian Venly wallet and interact with a variety of tools and markets.

Venly is incorporating Immutable X into a developed technology network that already boasts major partners such as Gods Unchained, TikTok, Gamestop, Ember Sword and Habbo. This partnership will give users access to Venly’s advanced infrastructure while interacting with the Layer 2 protocol and the broad community on Ethereum in a unique way.

In addition, Venly users will be able to trade immutable X-powered NFTs with zero gas charges, 100% carbon neutrality and extensive market scalability. For projects and merchants, partnerships mean the easy sale of Immutable X-powered NFTs through Venly Market and Shopify, as well as the potential for interaction with many Venly API solutions.

Venly currently supports over 12 blockchains such as Polygon, BNB chains, Avalanche and Hedera.

Through Immutable’s deep NFT and gaming knowledge, and StarkWare’s pioneering zk-rollup technology, any project built on that protocol can be quickly scaled with all of Ethereum’s security and distribution capabilities. increase.

“We are pleased to be able to integrate another important L2 into our products as a blockchain-agnostic platform. After due diligence, Immutable proved to be a reliable partner. Value proposition was also an important factor, “said Tim Dierckxsens. , Co-founder and CEO of Venly. “I want everyone based on Immutable to know that they can now take advantage of the Venly solution and do it,” he said.

“We are excited to work with Venly’s 2 million users and a ridiculously simple wallet to onboard mainstream customers. To onboard the next 1 billion users to cryptocurrencies We need a seamless UX. Venly is a gateway that allows us to build all our projects on top. It’s immutable, “says immutable co-founder Robbie Ferguson. “We are also excited to welcome Venly’s 2 million users who can easily use games and apps built on Immutable.”

About Venly

Venly (formerly Arkane Network) is an L2 blockchain technology provider. It provides users of blockchain projects with a digital wallet to store their assets using native solutions that also work on mobile devices. For more information, please visit:

About immutable X

Immutable X is NFT’s leading Layer 2 scaling solution that enables gas-free mining and trading without compromising the security of Ethereum, the world’s most used blockchain in NFTs. See below for more information.

contact address

Veruschka von Onafina
+58 4248862672

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