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VC-Backed Metaverse App BUD Launches on Polygon With Airdrop and Token-Gated Gameplay Features

Following its $36.6 million Series B, former Snap engineers turned to Polygon to develop the long-awaited web3-based user-generated content metaverse platform BUD.

Singapore / Accesswire / 12 October 2022 / Tsubomiis a global virtual UGC (User Generated Content) and Web3 gaming platform that enables everyone to create and share their own 3D interactive experiences for free. polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform that onboards millions to Web3. Following the integration, BUD will launch an NFT airdrop providing access to ongoing Token Gate gameplay features using the Polygon infrastructure.

BUD recently added a new airdrop feature, allowing projects, creators and artists to airdrop anything in their community. This jumped the number of active wallet users from about 5,000 to he over 80,000, an increase of about 1,500% in just a few days. BUD users don’t need any coding background or skills and can let their imagination run wild thanks to the highly accessible drag-and-drop interface.

By leveraging Token Gated Experiences on the platform, we attempt to solve a long-standing problem inherent in Web3 games, allowing creators and brands to create their own parameters for their experiences and entry into game zones. BUD will also launch a collection of 1,000 special Gold BUD Passes that will give access to special events, unique Avatars, unique NFTs, and more. By providing access to games and features exclusive to NFT holders, BUD generates customer loyalty, ensures long-term engagement, and prevents bots and his accounts from potentially becoming rampant on the platform. This is a problem that has plagued many Web3 games.

Urvit Goel, Head of Global Game Business Development at Polygon Studios, said: “BUD’s mission aligns perfectly with Polygon’s unique vision of a world where communities and creators thrive, free from artificial borders and archaic regulations.”

Founded in 2019 by two former Snap engineers, Risa Feng and Shawn Lin, BUD lets users create bulbous 3D characters, adorable virtual assets, and richly colored experiences.

To date, BUD users have created over 15 million custom experiences, including gamified virtual spaces that others can join. Since launching last November, countless assets, including costumes and accessories, have traded him over 150 million times on BUD’s marketplace.

Thanks to being comprehensive and truly free to use, BUD has already ranked among the top 10 consumer apps in nearly 40 countries across North America, Southeast Asia and South America.

BUD co-founder Rise Feng said: The environmental goal of casting his NFTs without generating any carbon emissions makes it a prime location for BUD. “

The Singapore-based startup was recently led by Sequoia Capital India, followed by ClearVue Partners, NetEase, Northern Light Venture Capital, and GGV Capital, Qiming Venture Partners, and Source Code Capital. Shortly before that, the startup also secured his Series A extension in February, bringing the total amount of funding he has raised to over $60 million.

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