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US unveils latest sanctions targeting Russia

In a news release, the U.S. Treasury said it was also targeting “a company operating in Russia’s crypto mining industry, which is considered to be the third largest in the world,” and “designated a crypto mining company.” He said it was his first time.

In addition, the State Department has “involved in curbing oppositions in Russia and abroad, involved in activities that threaten the integrity of Ukraine’s territory, tracked 635 Russian citizens involved, and imposed numerous visa restrictions. Three Russian officials “involved in a serious violation of human rights” and “weakened Belarusian democracy” in human rights violations at prison facilities and informal detention sites in Russian-controlled areas of the Donbus region of Ukraine. 17 individuals responsible for becoming “according to the Ministry of Finance.

The United States funded “Separatist activities in eastern Ukraine” in December 2014 because of its close relationship with “Alexandro Borodai, Igor Ivanovich (also known as Igor Ivanovich), and the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic”. Sanctioned Malofeev. According to the announcement by the Ministry of Finance at that time, as a specially designated citizen (SDN). “

Earlier this month U.S. Department of Justice He revealed his first criminal accusation since the Russian war in Ukraine began against Malofeev and charged him in an attempt to avoid sanctions.

Marofeev was again sanctioned by the United States on Wednesday for “acting or intending to act on behalf of, directly or indirectly, or on behalf of the Russian government.” The Treasury has also sanctioned members of Malofeev’s “a vast global network of cutouts and proxies to try to avoid sanctions and engage in malicious and influential activities.” Approved include many Russian individuals, including Russian, Moldova, Singaporean entities, and the son of Malofeev.

The Treasury has also chased “Public Co., Ltd. Transkapitalbank (TKB)” and its subsidiaries, as well as Russian crypto mining companies to be “the center of sanctions avoidance”.

“The United States has promised that no matter how complex its assets, the Putin administration will not be a mechanism to offset the effects of sanctions,” the announcement released Wednesday said.

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