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UnUniFi Protocol Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Round To Build the First Decentralized Cross-Chain NFTFi Platform With Auto DeFi Yield

December 1, 2022 – New York, NY

UnUniFi We are very proud to announce the completion of a $1,500,000 strategic funding round led by Gumi Cryptos Capital with participation from Coincheck, Hyperithm, MZ Web3fund, Arriba Studio and GC Incubation.

Yu Kimura, founder of UnUniFi, said:

“The true utility of UnUniFi is the combination of the NFTFi feature with its own rating algorithm and the inter-chain yield aggregator.”

UnUniFi is a layer 1 blockchain protocol for providing efficient NFT lending through the Cosmos ecosystem’s internal NFT marketplace. The UnUniFi protocol will begin development in Q4 2021 and launch its mainnet in May 2022.

This strategic funding marks the conclusion of a seed funding round with the backing of venture capital funds and investors around the world.

UnUniFi will use the funds from this seed round for continued development and scalability. Roadmap Immediate focus on product release and PMF (Product-Market Fit) delivery.

We are extremely grateful for such great support so early in development and look forward to fulfilling our mission. “Give every NFT a DeFi opportunity”

What makes UnUniFi special?

UnUniFi will be the first NFTFi platform to create its own NFT valuation algorithm calculated using real demand data, allowing its users to generate automatic DeFi yields on borrowed assets.

While other NFTFi platforms employ peer-to-peer or liquidity pool lending models, UnUniFi combines the actual demand for the NFTs themselves with the intrinsic demand for liquidity generation to give NFT holders an incentive to lend. It provides faster and more flexible access.

The technology is scalable for institutional users and can be externally implemented by other platforms as NFT evaluation oracles.

Additionally, UnUniFi’s API, client library, Bubble plugin and front-end incentive module all combine to make the project the first successful ecosystem with a true “decentralized front-end”.

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Rui Zhang, Managing Partner of Gumi Cryptos Capital, said:

“As NFTs have become an important asset class, many projects have attempted to build a financial ecosystem around NFTs. In a tough market, this becomes a bottleneck.

“UnUniFi consists of a marketplace infrastructure with built-in price discovery capabilities. – tThis ensures liquidity from the start. UnUniFi believes it can create opportunities in the huge market of NFTFi. ”

what’s next

While completing the seed funding round is a major milestone for our team, UnUniFi’s immediate focus is on Q4 product release and PMF delivery.

For these purposes, Bringing NFTFi capabilities to market with the ability to collateralize NFTs, enabling inter-chain yield aggregators for automated DeFi yields, Cosmos IBC (inter-blockchain communication), and more.

These core features help provide the foundation for a truly decentralized NFTFi platform. By staggering updates and announcements, our goal is to continue to quickly raise public awareness of the status and availability of upcoming releases.

To expand the UnUniFi ecosystem, the team is actively looking for and negotiating NFT projects (NFTs are not limited to art or pfp). There are many potential applications in real estate or securities fields, etc.), DApps, and other potential partners to identify strategic partnerships.

UnUniFi will continue to accept inquiries from external collaborators and seek consideration where applicable. We also welcome other projects to contact and join his UnUniFi ecosystem.

In the meantime, we will continue to work on our deliverables and advance our mission to encourage the widespread adoption of NFTs as a legitimate asset class through practical and usable DeFi technologies.

About UnUniFi

UnUniFi is a Layer 1 blockchain protocol for providing efficient NFT lending services through an internal NFT marketplace with automatic DeFi yields. All built on the Cosmos ecosystem.

UnUniFi will be the first NFTFi platform to create its own NFT valuation algorithm calculated using real-world demand data, allowing its users to generate automatic DeFi yields for borrowed assets through inter-chain yield aggregators.

UnUniFi aims to be a DApps platform with NFT price information at its core. The internal NFT marketplace provides valuable data for NFT price discovery capabilities and is extensible for use by external platforms and Cosmos IBC integrations.

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