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Universal Music partners with marketplace Curio for future NFT projects

Universal Music Launches NFT Collection at Curio NFT Marketplace

Universal Music GroupOne of the four largest record labels in the music industry, this new partnership has officially announced its entry into the web3 industry. antique, Digitally collectable market. Curio’s mission is to bring fans closer to their favorite artists, corporate characters, stories and moments.

With this agreement, UMG will be the first major music company to collaborate with the market, and all future NFT projects by operating companies and catalog artists will be initiated through Curio. Curio gives UMG artists the opportunity to launch their own label-supported NFT projects and create new ways to interact directly with their fans. UMG has witnessed this partnership as a new source of revenue for itself and its artists, providing an innovative way for collectors and fans around the world to buy NFTs from their favorite artists.

Not like High seas, Curio is a slightly newer player in the scene. In 2021, Marketplace helped launch more than 75,000 NFTs with leading entertainment companies in music, film and graphic novels. From March Calum Scott The British singer drops his first NFT on the platform. Capitol Music Group.. Universal is experimenting with ways to take advantage of the growing popularity of digital collections and has formed a singing group, Kingship.The characters are all very successful Boring ape yacht club NFT Collection: 1 Mutant Ape and 3 Bowling Apes.

In 2021, UMG also partnered with Geneies, a leading avatar technology company. Genies will provide artists with official virtual IDs for use in Web 3.0 and virtual characters for sale as NFTs, enabling them to communicate with their fans in a creative and authentic way throughout the Metaverse.

Universal Music Group is not the first major record label to enter the web3 space just recently Warner Music Group Partner with THe is a sandbox By buying a large land and bringing a new experience for fans to witness their favorite artists performing live in the Metaverse.

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