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UNICEF Marks 75th Anniversary With UN’s Largest-Ever NFT Collection

UNICEF plans to sell 1,000 data-driven NFTs ahead of its 75th anniversary and raise funds to connect one million schools to the Internet.

UNICEF announcement Planning the largest launch in UN history NFT Collection to date. As part of the move, the United Nations Children’s Fund has created 1,000 unique data-driven artwork entitled Patchwork Kingdom, a collection aimed at helping schools and children around the world connect to the Internet. I will issue it.

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The drop coincides with the agency’s 75th anniversary, and some Ethereum-based NFTs are watermarked to indicate that opportunity. In contrast, others will be connected to the event early next year.

The profits from the sale of NFTs are directed to the UNICEF Global Office of Innovation Initiative. GigaA project to connect schools to the Internet through new technologies such as low earth orbit satellites, machine learning, and blockchain.

Giga is already responsible for connecting more than 3,000 schools and 700,000 children to the internet, Help another 1 million people Get access to the internet.

To create “Kingdom of patchwork” NFT Collection Partners with UNICEF Snowcrash Labs I’m Nadieh Bremer, a data visualization scientist and artist.

Artwork draws data from more than 280,000 schools in 21 countries, and each artwork represents a subset of those schools. The artwork shows the building blocks above and below the two horizon. The blocks above represent connected schools and the blocks below the line represent unconnected schools. As more schools have access to the internet, the kingdom will grow in size and vibrancy.

NFT ownership provides buyers with a snapshot of Giga’s current progress. As more schools are connected, owners will be able to collect individual schools. Or, as stated in the press release, “To connect the kingdom of patchwork” See how the cityscape network grows as Giga makes more progress and connects more schools and communities in the real world.

“In an increasingly connected world, more than 1.3 billion children are disconnected. These children grow on the island of information, learn and grow, separated from the wealth of information and opportunities available online. It is not possible to allow less resources for. “ UNICEF Secretary-General Henrietta Fore said. “The Office of Innovation is committed to breaking the digital divide through innovation and technology around the world.”

Digital goods are sold directly by UNICEF., Use Ethereum blockchain.

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