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Understanding Meta-morphic: a Meeting of Nature, Life and Technology

NFTs represent unique ownership coded on the blockchain. However, the uniqueness of an NFT’s value is determined by the community.

PFP NFT projects such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club are by far the major art-related projects in the Web3 space. PFP usually expresses community, anonymity, and rebellion. The hallmark of his NFTs of this type is his ability to integrate the power of the community through marketing and celebrity endorsements to propel his NFTs to high levels of prestige in the trading market.

Apart from PFP projects, there is a growing demand and fascination for artist-driven NFT collections. Artists shape their own worlds, combining their own concepts, media and styles. Traditional artist communities often meet for fleeting moments, confined to auction rooms and art galleries.

One of the most in-demand Chinese artists, Huang Yuxing explores nature and life through paint and minerals. Now he is venturing into his NFT, creating digital artwork with the same concept and style as his paintings. Will Huang Yuxing’s digital works get more recognition?

Mr Huang said: This new medium allows for new kinds of exploration of motifs such as minerals, bubbles and rivers that recur in my work, as well as the themes of nature and time that characterize my artistic journey. ”

Born in 1975, Huang Yuxing graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. His recent auction was at Christie’s, where seven of his treasure pine of his work were sold for his HK$64.8 million ($8.3 million). Auction records of works by Chinese artists born after 1970.

Kogyokuboshi, Cloisonne Pine, 2019

Huang Yuxing’s style references traditional Chinese landscape painting, which he creates in an ultra-modern, near-abstract, intense color. He invites the viewer into his imaginary world.

NFT (Natural Science and Technology): Nature, Life and Technology

In 2021, Huang Yuxing will be ranked among the top 3 artists in China’s art market in 2021, with sales exceeding 100 million RMB.

NFT (Natural Science and Technology): Nature, Life and Technology

Huang Yuxing is candid about his excitement about digital art and NFTs. It was his curiosity about the unknown that drove him into this field for the first time. ”

When Huang Yuxing talks about his work, his interest is not in the media used, but rather in his ideas and creative process, the way he creates works through his own consciousness and the ideas he wants to convey to his audience. I have.

Huang Yuxing’s Meta-morphic genesis NFT collection helps to more closely share his own consciousness and the power of his work. Each NFT collector must rigorously interpret each NFT with its rich semantics.

Metamorphic consists of 2,197 cloisonné (gems ​​and minerals) Mystery Boxes.

NFT (Natural Science and Technology): Nature, Life and Technology

A metamorphic based on seven mineral treasures: coral, agate, pearl, gold, silver, shell and turquoise. These represent his seven powers of luck, creativity, health, longevity, chastity, protection and wisdom.

Metamorphic is spelled “Yao Bian Zhi Shi” in Chinese. Interestingly, the word “yao” itself has the meaning of light, but the sun, moon and stars can all be called “yao”. The five stars of Sun, Moon, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth are also called “Seven Yao”, perfectly matching his seven treasures of Yellow Star.

2,197 metamorphic NFTs, such as paintings, are generated by 3D design and encryption algorithm. Each metamorphic NFT is a mineral floating in multidimensional space, with different shapes and meanings. Genuine minerals eventually weather, but 2,197 metamorphic NFTs are immortalized by NFTs.

NFT (Natural Science and Technology): Nature, Life and Technology

Metamorphic NFT Blind Box Visual Effect Display

The collection begins with the jewel, which is central to Huang Yuxing’s work. The following chapters include Gems, Bubbles, Rivers and Pine. Huang sees these elements as directional. It contains my first understanding of life. I understand Treasure in the Treasure series as a kind of sense of wisdom and civilization. At the same time, it itself creates many other emotions. For example, in religion and politics, it symbolizes power, wealth, and the unknown. It can be interpreted as many things, giving people a wider range of interpretations. ”

In the metamorphic creation process, you can see the process from concrete to abstract, and you can see that even a small stone contains a reflection of the universe. Gems, bubbles, rivers, and pine trees are all “meta-images.” From the moment the collector opened his Mystery Box, an artistic conversation with his fan Yushin began.

Huang Yuxing said: Each person has a different worldview, values, and past growth system, and the definition of gemstones is also different. It all depends on your own definition of a gemstone. ”

Collection Meta-morphic is fully supported by LiveArt. LiveArt’s mission is to connect the art world with Web3, allowing more artists, collectors and collaborators to experience the power of artwork through new art media.

LiveArt Chief Curator Marisa Kayyem said: Digital art has both thematic and cultural significance. It will change the way artists create and the way collectors collect. We want to share the extraordinary vision of our fans with our audience in new ways. Metamorphic collections do just that. ”

What is the biggest difference between the Web3 Art Platform and the Web2 Art Platform? For artists, Web3 digital art is a new form of creation, and the work will have a richer expression. The Web3 art platform will enable artists to bring these works to a wider audience. For collectors, collectors of NFT artwork often form communities, so art interpretations are no longer lonely, but resonate with communities.

Blockchain will play a key role in transforming this platform attribute and reconfiguring relationships. NFT guarantees the collector’s ownership of the corresponding artwork. It resonates and at the same time protects the rights and interests of each collector and the value of the collection.

Metamorphic pre-sale will begin on September 23, 2022 on LiveArt, with a total of 800 blind boxes for sale. Early buyers, LiveArt community, membership holders, etc. will have the opportunity to participate in the presale.

NFT (Natural Science and Technology): Nature, Life and Technology

After the pre-sale, Meta-morphic will distribute an additional 1,200 Mystery Boxes through general sales.

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