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Undead Blocks Introduces KillToEarn Through Blockchain Gaming

Undead Blocks is a blockchain game like Left4Dead that coined the term KillToEarn in the web3 game project.

Rising in waves of undead blocks. First-Person Shooter (FPS) games recently hit Web3 games Space for the past few months. Developed by AAA studio, the game allows the player to KillToEarn him by slaying hordes of zombies, a gameplay setting familiar to many of his FPS enthusiasts.

For those of you who are ready to beat zombies and make money while the blood is dripping, this might be the game for you!


The game has a dual token economy where the $UNDEAD token is used as the on-chain governance and currency token, while the two ZBUX coins are the off-chain currency. In particular, ZBUX can be earned while playing the game, and players can redeem it for Gold ZBUX, which can be extracted from the ecosystem at a slightly stable exchange rate of $0.10.

game mode

Players can download the game client and sign up for an Undead Block account. websiteThe download requires a Waygu account and is available for Apple OS or Windows.

During this stage of the game, you have access to different game modes such as Solo, Pistol Speed ​​Run, MP5 Massacre, and AKM Assault. Once in-game, the player is transported to the Sanborn New York map, a post-apocalyptic neighborhood where hordes of zombies begin advancing toward the player.

Depending on the game mode, the player either kills as many zombies as possible in a limited amount of time, or survives different rounds with waves of zombies trying to get the part of the player.


gameplay review

Gameplay-wise, Undead Blocks looks harder than it looks. Zombies come from all directions, so players need to be aware of their surroundings. The best way to compare Undead Blocks to existing games is Left4Dead. Players must survive within a confined space instead of passing levels.

The team also made the game playable with controllers such as the X-Box and PlayStation, should players prefer it to keyboards. Multiplayer is also one of the aspects Wagyu Games is trying to develop with Undead Blocks.

“We promote teams of friends who cooperate and play games together. During each match in Squad mode, players invite their friends into the lobby to join them in the same match and kill zombies together. We can,” added the team. “Groups of friends can enter contests as a team and win crypto together. Full lobby communication functionality is included via connected audio inputs so players can verbally communicate with each other. I have.”

In terms of graphics, Undead Blocks outperforms most web3 blockchain games and even some FPS competitors in this category. Wagyu Games primarily develops Undead Blocks, but has partnered with Kevuru Games, a game art studio with titles such as Star Wars, Fortnite, and Iron Order, for the art and game design of the project.

Check out our gameplay review below. There are also some videos on our YouTube channel.

P2E tournaments and player recruitment

Undead Blocks is looking to drive user adoption and increase engagement behind its recent public beta release. Built on the Ethereum network, the PlayAndEarn blockchain game hosts tournaments hosted by CM TOP DOG. The game is still in beta stage, but the tournament prize pool is $15,000.

“Undead Blocks will be the world’s first AAA kill-to-earn first-person zombie shooter that will allow players to use weapon loadout NFTs to kill zombies and earn them daily,” the team said in a whitepaper. . “Players can earn Gold ZBUX, which can be redeemed for cryptocurrencies of their choice or used to earn rare in-game items through participation in leaderboards and challenges. Earn standard ZBUX to level up your weapons and build equity in the assets you own.”

Undead Blocks also has gameplay and assistance to keep building. The project recently partnered with well-known gamefi and NFT project Immutable X to prove that they can work together to achieve premium exposure. Game software and VC giant Animoca Brands also invested in Undead Blocks.

Wagyu Game is:

Wagyu Games is recognized worldwide as an industry leader in FPS games on the blockchain, providing players with a platform to have fun and win big at the same time. The team’s main claim to fame comes from its flagship game, Undead Blocks.

Wage game:
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What are undead blocks:

Undead Blocks is a P2E GameFi multiplayer FPS zombie survival crypto game. The player battles hordes of zombies using his special NFT weapon and earns his ZBUX, a reward currency for undead blocks, as he progresses through Easter egg-filled maps. The Kill-to-Earn FPS Zombie Crypt Game currently attributes over 25,000 downloads, 2,700 weapon loadout NFTs, and sponsored his tournaments in public beta. Undead Blocks places over 140 unique weapons and explosives at gamers’ disposal.. Undead Blocks will release a closed beta in Spring 2022, followed by a full game launch and mobile game distribution in Q3 2022. The full Undead Blocks multiplayer experience is set to launch in Q4 2022.

Undead Block:

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