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Unauthorized PokeWorld NFT Game Faces Legal Action

A collectible NFT blockchain game, PokeWorld, has been sued by The Pokémon Company International for trademark infringement.

NFT games are made by Australia-based creators under ‘Pokémon PTY LTD’ and ‘Kochiota Studios’.legal documents filed in December 2022, Citing multiple law violations regarding PokeWorld’s launch and advertising NFT game.

Reportedly, Kotiota Studios has been promoting the game for months, claiming it is to earnA game featuring Pokémon that players can collect as digital pets.

The company showed off digital 3D models and 2D art of Pokémon, including Pikachu. It claimed to have worked on other Pokémon titles in the past. Pokemon Scarlet Violet When Pokemon sleep. However, Pokémon Company International denied these allegations, stating that Cotiota was not a contractor for the company.

Court documents seek to block Pokemon PTY Ltd and Kotiota Studios from claiming they have a license to develop official Pokémon games and shut down the PokeWorld website and all sales of NFTs. The filing also comes when The Pokemon Company International deliberately decided not to launch Pokemon NFTs to protect its brand.

Poké World Official Site

Pokemon Company International

When Pokemon PTY Ltd started contacting the media about their plans to launch an NFT game in January 2023, The Pokemon Company International seemed to notice the PokeWorld game. of legal documents.

For now, the PokeWorld website remains online, but the company’s Twitter page has been taken down. pause. It remains to be seen how The Pokemon Company International will proceed with the lawsuit, but the website may be shut down in the near future.

Pokémon is a large Japanese media franchise managed by The Pokémon Company. Centered around fictional creatures called Pokémon, its creative setting has led to numerous television shows, video games, and various merchandise such as trading card games and toys.

final thoughts

As you know, Pokemon is a massive franchise and billions of generations are possible if you decide to step into the crypto world. connected to the title. Axie Infinity, PixelmonWhen cryptokittiesThe success of these titles is evident within the industry, with Axie Infinity being the highest grossing of them all.

However, it is important for developers to ensure that: properly licensed You are authorized to use the intellectual property in your project. The Pokémon Company International’s decision to take legal action against the creators of PokeWorld is a reminder of the importance of respecting the rights of intellectual property owners.

Successful games like Axie Infinity, PixelmonWhen cryptokitties While it shows the potential for success in the NFT space, it is important that developers operate within the law to avoid legal issues and protect the integrity of their projects.

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