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UBOXSEA and PlatON jointly launch the chain game “STONE AEON” NFT loot chest activity

This is the first time that Stone Aeon has landed on the UBOX SEANFT market for public sale of loot chests before it is officially released.

UBOX SEA and Plato jointly start chain game “STONEA EON” NFT loot chest activity

This is the first time that Stone Aeon has landed on the UBOX SEANFT market for public sale of loot chests before it is officially released.

Los Angeles, CA, April 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Stone Aeon is PlatON’s first multi-world view chain game. Based on the Stone Age background, the game brings together all the primitive humans and presents them uniquely digitally through blockchain technology. In the game, every item or creature is an NFT asset, allowing players to enjoy game entertainment and earn maximum income. It realizes the classic economic model of Play-To-Earn.

The game is currently being tested on the PlatON chain and will be released shortly. Prior to the official release of the game, it will be the first to land on the UBOX SEANFT market for the public sale of loot chests.

Stone Ion Loot Chest NFT

The Stone Aeon Root Chest NFT has a total of 8128, including character portraits of four rarities. The user randomly selects one of them. NFT character avatars are mainly composed of four elements: “background”, “tribe”, “race”, and “rareness”. These factors affect the character and market value of the game.

Each race contains 4 rarity character avatars and backgrounds

Under different rarities, avatars are random.

(The photo is the avatar part of the NFT character)

Plato pioneers the chain game market

Stone Aeon will be released on the PlatON network after testing. Based on the basic properties of the blockchain, PlatON provides the next generation of basic Internet protocols supported by private computing networks with “computing interoperability” as the core feature. A variety of modern cryptographic algorithms such as zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), verifiable computing (VC), and homomorphic cryptography (HE) to enable computational extension schemes for non-interactive proofs. The scalability and privacy characteristics presented in this way protect the privacy and distribution of the Stone Aeon player’s digital assets.

Plato is the first private AI computing network to enter the chain gaming space for ecology development and market expansion. At the same time, Plato is building a decentralized collaborative AI network and Global Brain. With the technological blessings of the Metaverse and artificial intelligence, the future development of Stone Ion will be more diverse and more likely.

Write at the end

The booty chest NFT of the chain game “Stone Aeon” is the first joint sales activity between UBOX SEA and Plato. UBOXSEA is a multifunctional NFT platform that supports copyright transactions. Integrate the real-world copyright system into NFT minting, trading and other processes. The platform has collaborated with many chain games, Metaverse and other projects to launch the Loot Chest NFT activity. UBOXSEA will have 3,000 whitelist locations reserved this time, with the remaining 5,128 open to the public. And in the near future, there will be many airdrop activities. Users can earn LAT and UDI tokens for limited whitelist spots (tokens can be used to purchase loot chests) and other perks.

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