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Ubisoft Has Canceled At Least Seven Games In Six Months

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In a new financially focused press release, Ubisoft has confirmed that it has canceled three more unannounced games. This means that the publisher has canceled at least seven different video games after July 2022.It’s even worse news for publishers, with recent games Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope Poor performance during the holiday season.

The last few years have been unlucky for Ubisoft. keep trying to improve this is Reportedly Toxic Work Environment When keep trying (and fail) to release big games like skull and bones, prince of persia, and movie tie-up Avatar: Frontiers of PandoraThe pandemic has also made things difficult for the company as it adapts to staff working from home and the various issues that come with it. And in the newly published press from todayUbisoft explains that in order to weather all this, it has decided to cancel more games while lowering its profit targets for the next quarter.

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Ubisoft says its decision to cancel three more games is to ensure that the company’s energies are “focused on making our brand and live service the strongest in the industry.” increase. These three games are not named in the press email provided to Kotaku, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told staff that these projects were canceled to further limit risks and increase the company’s profitability in the future.

These 3 new canceled games Joins the list of four previously canned Ubisoft titlescontaining two Tom Clancy Game: Free-to-Play Shooter Game Ghost Recon Frontlines and VR splinter cell business. That brings the total number of games canceled since July to seven, and that’s what we publicly know.

What games is Ubisoft still working on?

So what games are still actually released by Ubisoft for 2023?

I have skull and bones, Long development period with Ubisoft issues As announced in this same press release, the online pirate game has been delayed again today. Maybe?Beyond that, Ubisoft has two Avatar Games in progress — We have games in development for mobile, as well as larger console and PC games. It also has a mobile port for rainbow six siege It should be released sooner or later.

then a lot of Assassin’s Creed Things to be released in the next few yearslike a stealth-focused spin-off, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, to be released this year.the other one is Assassin’s Creed Project Red Spin-off set in Japan Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade, a “triple-A” mobile game set in China. Neither have a specific release date.oh apparently let’s not forget it prince of persia Remake still in progress hardly spoken splinter cell remakethat too.

Of course, given Ubisoft’s recent track record and the fact that games are getting harder and more expensive to develop each year, These upcoming projects will be delayed like many other video games at least once or twice. And that’s assuming they aren’t just canceled outright and added to Ubisoft’s ever-growing list of canned games.

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