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U.S. NFT trademark applications surpass 4,000 in 2022

As Cryptocurrency market Non-fungible tokens (non-fungible tokens) are one of the main parts that are increasingly utilized by businesses and individuals who are expanding and trying to interact with their audience in more ways.NFT).

In fact, according to data and charts, there were over 4,000 NFT-related trademarks in the United States between January 1st and May 31st, 2022. Release By Trademark and Patent Attorney Michael Kondoudis (Michael E. Condoudis LLP) June 13th.

Specifically, the exact number is 4,049, which means that on average, 27 new NFT trademarks were submitted per day in 2022. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

NFT-related trademark application per month in 2022. source: Mike Condudis

For 2022, the most productive month was March, when 1,023 new NFT trademarks were registered. January was the lowest 637 of all months observed so far, but there were 770 new trademarks in February, 876 in April, and 743 in May.

Rapid growth of the NFT market

In mid-February, Fin bold Reported the number of There were 1,263 NFT trademark applications in the United States in 2021Represents 421 times growth from just three submissions in 2020.

The current growth rate is 1,349 times that of 2020 as a whole, and even though 2022 is only half past, it is already higher than 2021 as a whole.

That said, according to a new survey, most people are the main reason Buying an NFT is “making money”. Specifically, 64.3% of the 1,318 people surveyed say this is the main reason for the NFT trend.

Other reasons include community and flex (14.7%), digital art collection (12.4%), and access to games and tools (8.6%).

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