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tudaBirds Releases More Info on the Features with Updated

Nuremberg, Germany, January 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-$ tudaBirds has released a new version of its website that emphasizes a lot about the project. The new website has answered many questions about this ambitious NFT project. The most important of these are the services that the project will provide at the time of release.

Primarily, the roster consists of the $ BURD Metaverse game, its evolving avatar aspects, and the $ BURD token itself.

The re-release of the website will provide more information on all aspects of this project. This is explained in more detail below.

Service list

tudaBirds promises a lot of service at the time of its release, and more will be offered throughout 2022. The 2021 release schedule and roadmap have been successfully completed without delay, so the new roadmap is expected to be met without any problems.

The services that $ BURD promises are plentiful, but there are five important takes from the entire roster.

  • Battle 200X
  • NFT Bird Drops
  • Birdtis
  • CBONFT collection
  • Evolving NFT Bird

Below, we’ll take a quick look at these five and see what they look like.

Battle 200X

Battle200X. Playing with $ BURD, $ BNB, and $ SOL, Battle200X is a snapshot preview of the kind of experience our team is putting together.

In essence, it’s a betting game where you can make your crypto, and if your predictions are correct, you can make up to 20,000% profit on your initial investment.

This is a crypto market / price forecasting game similar to the Pancake Swaps betting game that was soaring in popularity at the time of its release.

NFT Bird Drops

Due to the random distribution of rarity and rarity in first-come-first-served drops, 10% of all buyers will receive a voucher that can be redeemed for 9,000 $ BURD tokens in the gamed NFT drop. This is the first giveaway to celebrate the launch of the entire project.

The first NFT bird droppings appear to launch another feature planned for 2022, the evolutionary NFT.


Like the Battle 200x, Birdtis is a beak-to-beak action game inspired by the world’s most popular game, Tetris. This is a rethought-out NFT, a blockchain-based classic.

It features a battle between tudaBirds Metaverse avatars, properly named Metanest.

P2E features have been announced along with leaderboards and competition, but it has not yet been clarified how the implementation of such a mechanism works.

CBONFT collection

The CBO NFT collection is 3D tuda Birds’ exclusive NFT series, all handcrafted in the project’s foundry lab. The creator behind these 3DNFTs is Ishan Rethnakaran, the “Chief Bird Officer” previously employed by Zynga, the world’s leading game developer for mobile games.

Evolving NFT Bird

Unlike most NFT and Metaverse projects that just add new content to the roster, tudaBirds has its own evolutionary capabilities that allow users to customize and evolve their own NFTs, much like MMO game characters. I can do it.

These changes will be reflected in the NFT in terms of technical, functional, and visual aspects. As NFT evolves, features and items will be added.

About tuda Birds

tudaBirds is a next generation NFT / Metaverse game project based on BSC and SOL blockchain. It aims to completely rethink how NFT games work by innovating existing blockchain technology and advancing digital ledgers.

$ BURD combines top-notch tokenomics with a team of experienced blockchain developers to provide investors with a significant ROI and a unique dialogue similar to the future of finance and gaming. We strive to provide a method.

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