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Trump, Who? NBA Legend Scottie Pippen Steals Former President’s Thunder As NFT Collection Sells Out In 77 Seconds – Ethereum (ETH/USD)

Scottie Pippenthe NBA superstar broke OpenSeas sales records after his digital asset collection sold out in a staggering 77 seconds (less than a minute and a half).

What happenedPippen’s 1,000-piece NFT collection sells out in record time, outperforming last week’s highly-hyped NFT drop-buy former president Donald Trump.

The Pippen NFT collection was started by Orange Comet, the team responsible for creating the Pippen NFT Collection. Anthony Hopkins The NFT collection sold out in 7 minutes in October.

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Orange Comet’s Pippen collection is the first line of ‘Metawear’ digital wearables, with sales of over $240,000 to date. high seasThe Pippen Collection lets you bring your digital fashion statement to life with 3D modeled shoes, strapless bags and other fashion items.

Trump NFT is Topics often discussed On late night TV shows like ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’, ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and ‘The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert’.

The Trump NFT collection consisted of 45,000 collectibles and sold out for $4.45 million within a day of launch. Originally, he was priced at $99 per piece, but since then, due to incredible demand, individual his NFTs have sold for significantly higher prices.The total as of Wednesday morning is 7,041 ethereum Ethereum/USDworth $8.5 million.

price action: At the time of writing, ethereum It was trading at $1,208, down 0.30%. According to Benzinga Pro.

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photo courtesy Richard Bertraga at shutterstock

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