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Trash Panda Gang NFT Collection Adds New Utilities To Foster Holders’ Personal Growth And Self-Development


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The Trash panda gang The NFT collection introduces many utilities to help the community achieve health (physical and emotional), personal growth, and self-development through the metaverse.

Compared to other digital collections, the NFT collection is not a regular set of digital art. Each NFT made of 5,555 hand-painted artwork gives owners a much more unique and informative feature with a focus on promoting community well-being.

Significant advances in digital technology have made games and entertainment more realistic and interactive. However, the drawback of this was a game addiction. This is a condition recently added to the disease catalog by the World Health Organization.

For this reason, it is important to use games and entertainment in ways that support community health, in addition to personal and self-development. For example, NFTs can be used to gamify health tracking to facilitate the path to achieving an individual’s health goals. It can also be used in a virtual space that supports personal growth. These benefits are the driving force behind the Trash Panda Gang NFT collection.

To achieve these goals, Trash Panda Gang leverages blockchain, NFTs, and the Metaverse, along with a number of recently added utilities. In the latter, the main utility recently introduced by the company is the membership system.


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Among them, the owners of the Trash Panda Gang NFT are eligible for certain exclusive benefits. This list includes self-help events organized by industry advocates, learning about entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, and weekly member-specific workshops. Members can also join the Discord channel dedicated to helping them pursue connections and growth.

In addition, NFT holders can enjoy access to a private gym and wellness center in addition to specialized health care from a dedicated health care center. Other exclusive benefits are business discussions and real estate browsing of real estate.

Trash Panda Gang has realized all of these value-added benefits through interaction with key players in the NFT and crypto industry. Ultimately, the NFT holder will gain health and emotional well-being, in addition to benefits such as self-development, career growth, and wealth creation.

Currently, the Metaverse is primarily provided by Trash Panda Gang. In the future, we plan to include branded products and community building components. The Trash Panda Gang also directs at least 50% of its secondary royalties to the community. This offers additional benefits such as special experiences, workshops and other events.

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