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Toon Finance ICO despite bear market, FTX collapse, and hacker Ethereum ETH dump – CryptoMode

The Toon Finance project has seen a lot of success despite the bear market, FTX crash, and hackers’ Ethereum ETH dump. The value of the Toon Finance Token has skyrocketed to nearly 100% in just a few weeks. So what’s going on with his one of the biggest ICOs of the year?

What are ICOs?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a method of raising funds for a blockchain project to finance its development. The project offers tokens for sale at a relatively low cost, along with other benefits such as NFTs and exclusive access to certain features while the project is in its early stages.

The Ethereum blockchain has become the go-to platform for many ICOs. This is because Ethereum allows developers to create their own tokens and launch amazing projects like Toon Finance. But what exactly is Toon Finance that raises millions of dollars?

What is Toon Finance?

Toon Finance is a decentralized financial platform that allows users to build financial applications on the Ethereum blockchain. The project will allow users to access tokens on their own decentralized exchange or his DEX called Toon Swap.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many features that make Toon Finance’s Toon Swap unique compared to its peers like Uniswap, Biswap, Pancake Swap, Binance and Binance DEX.

Toon Finance is trying to fight regulation by becoming an extreme DeFi project. This makes privacy and security a top priority, especially when using centralized exchanges like FTX or Binance, as they may be used by regulators.

What is a bear market and why is Toon Finance still bullish despite this?

What is a bear market?

A bear market is a period of time when the general stock market price drops significantly. This type of market condition usually occurs after a prolonged bull run or when global buyer confidence declines. Typically, this happens when hyperinflation hits, or when events such as pandemics or wars occur.

This means that people will sell assets to stem losses and the market will crash as a result. This is exactly what happened when FTX collapsed and a hacker dumped his Ethereum ETH.

Many commodities, including cryptocurrencies, are dumped and sold cheaply.

What does the ETH Ethereum dump of FTX and FTX hackers have to do with the bear market?

FTX, the very same centralized exchange as Binance, Terra Classic and Mt. Gox, has long gone bankrupt while stealing users’ money.

Unfortunately for cryptocurrency and FTX users, the former CEO of centralized exchange FTX wasn’t happy with the $1 million he withdrew just before FTX went bankrupt, and withdrew another $400 million worth of crypto. It is said to have stolen currency, dumped much of it, and caused yet another market crash. In addition to the FTX market crash, and the bear market crash.

Why is Toon Finance doing well?

There are multiple reasons why Toon Finance has soared and continued to soar despite the bears. One is that it’s a really good project and the other is that it’s decentralized.

Decentralized projects got a boost after FTX crash

When people learned that central exchanges like Binance weren’t wallets, they started looking for real wallets. One of his beneficiaries of this action is the Trust Wallet Token, which nearly doubled in price within a week after the FTX crash, similar to the Toon Finance Token.

In addition to Toon Finance Tokens TFT and Trust Wallet Tokens TWT, other decentralized projects such as Uniswap, Biswap, Pancake swap and Toon Swap have also received a lot of attention.

Despite the FTX crash and Ethereum dump, Toon Finance is still going strong with its ICO

Toon Swap is underway and there are many more benefits while the project is in its early stages, such as NFTs and exclusive access to certain features. This shows that Toon Finance has a lot to offer from the start. This is just the beginning.

A great start, with more and more people choosing Toon Finance Token over Ethereum ETH. People are using hundreds of thousands of Tether USDT and BUSD stablecoins to buy Ethereum ETH in hundreds to achieve this result.

Toon Finance ICO status

Toon Finance managed to sell millions of tokens in the first stage despite the fact that only 500 million will be sold in the pre-sale. We have achieved the goal of Phase 1 and are now in Phase 2.

The value of the token has almost doubled from stage 1 to stage 2, but despite the higher cost, Etherscan says people still have millions of people buying the token. is showing.

Is Toon Finance the next Pancakeswap?

What is pancake swap?

Pancake Swap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to perform automated trading. Powered by Binance Smart Chain, specifically his BEP20, it shows great potential through low transaction fees, fast transfers and automated trading.

Pancake Swap is a solid decentralized exchange that offers an excellent service for those who just want to trade a portion of their tokens from time to time.

Pancake Swap started a huge trend in decentralized exchanges, proving that these platforms have a future.

Is Toon Finance the next Pancakeswap?

Toon Finance is not just a decentralized exchange, it offers many more features such as NFTs and exclusive access to certain features.

It offers more features than Pancake Swap and may surpass Pancake Swap as it is currently running one of the largest ICOs ever.

Overall, Toon Finance sounds great! But don’t get me wrong. Pancake Swap is a solid DEX and a much better choice than Binance and FTX. But Toon Finance is too good in terms of its features.

What is Toon Swap?

Toon Swap is Toon Finance’s own decentralized exchange, similar to the most popular exchanges such as Binance, Uniswap, Biswap and Pancake swap. It offers fast transactions and low transaction fees, these features make it one of the best he DEXs on the market.

Toon Swap also offers exclusive bonuses like Bored Ape Yacht Club, its cousin Mutant Ape Yacht Club and NFTs like Kongz. Toon Swap sees an incredibly popular NFT due to its Space Bridge feature, which allows multiple chains to interlock with each other to smoothly transfer digital assets to multiple chains.

Many features of Toon Swap

Toon Swap will of course trade popular coins such as Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Binance BNB, Trilliant TRI, Solana SOL and more pairs will be added.

Of course, stable coins such as Tether USDT and BUSD stable coins are also available. This is his one of the most feature rich DEX.

Toon Swap has P2E

If that wasn’t enough, Toon Finance has p2e inside Toon Swap! It’s called Space Battle Grounds, where players and spectators can win millions of tokens!

The game is simple and easy to learn, yet leaves room for strategy for serious gamers who want to earn while playing.

Overall, Toon Finance moves its high-value tokens in millions. This is because we have an amazingly feature-rich project.





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