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To Fund Prison Reform, Artists Heno and Andre Oshea Turned to NFTs

Less than 5% of the world’s population lives in the United States, but it houses nearly 25% of the world’s total prison population. You may have come across this shocking statistic in one way or another in the last decade. This unfortunate fact was most notably dictated by Hillary Clinton in her 2015 speech on criminal justice, but has since been criticized by academics and the press. Washington Post.

Between these numbers, however, with some estimateshave fallen to about 4% and 16%, respectively, over the past few years, but recidivism rates continue to create a dire outlook for the U.S. legal system. one of the best This means that about 76% of the country’s prisoners are rearrested within five years of their release. report from Harvard Politics Review.

Of course, no single effort can transform the U.S. legal system overnight.After years of action, most Prominent Efforts The fight to end mass incarceration has found it hard to enact real change. But that hasn’t stopped musicians to the crypto artist from trying.Collaboration with prominent artists and NFT community members Andre O’SheaHeno has taken on the task of funding prison reform efforts via NFT and Web3 technology.

This is how he does it.

‘in the meantime’

In Heno’s latest NFT project titled ‘In The Meantime’, he and Oshea have teamed up to release 111 editions of 3D animation, each paired with one of four songs from Heno’s upcoming EP of the same name. It is Set to drop on November 1st at 3:00 PM sound.xyzThis collection will be the beginning of a larger endeavor by Web3 artists.

“There are several elements to this EP. “The release of this EP is also the beginning of the restorative justice initiative I’m bringing to Web3.”

Heno hopes to not only grow his catalog and leave a mark in the Web3 music space, but also help fight for prison reform with his new restorative justice initiative. His 50% of the sales of Heno and Oshea’s “In The Meantime” will immediately go to the Restorative Justice Initiative, and Heno will donate his 5% of his Web3 major sales in 2023 as follows: I pledge to donate to the organization. bail project, Maryland Alliance for Judicial Reform, Baltimore Action Legal Teamand other organizations that combat recidivism and help bail assistance for nonviolent crimes.

For Heno and Oshea, this mission strengthens the philanthropic arm of the NFT sector. war relief efforts, reproductive rights, more. But the two of them give the project a personal meaning.

mission behind the music

“I’m from Takoma Park, Maryland. When I grew up, the area had one of the highest levels of incarceration in the state for young black men ages 18 to 25. It wasn’t like that anywhere else,” Heno said. “For me, it took a trip and a different perspective to see that there are real issues that need to be addressed at home. I can’t find a job to live a decent life.”

there is much to be said about rich ethics When organized An issue that persists within the U.S. legal system. But instead of simply quoting percentages and other figures that are often deployed to convey the need for change at the judicial level, Heno and Oshea convey the humanitarian side of prison reform, and to those behind the statistics. We hope to provide insight into

“When we think about prison reform, the important thing we have to realize is that we need to humanize people,” added Oshea. “People are people, not numbers, right? I think that part of what [In The Meantime] The visuals, in particular, almost humanize the 3D objects featured in the project. ”

Oshea went on to say that he hopes to use the visuals he created for “In The Meantime” to compel collectors to examine the entire virtual object presented alongside Heno’s music. I was. ‘ Oshea talks about the importance of visuals to his motivation behind the project and his Heno. “When it comes to prison reform, judicial reform, taking something we’re used to seeing like an object and humanizing it gives it a little more weight. You can look at it from all angles.”

In addition to the NFT drop, Heno and Oshea will also release a three-part short film to accompany the musical experience created through “In The Meantime.” But, as we mentioned earlier, this collaborative venture is just the beginning of the social impact the two artists hope to achieve with her Web3.

“I think breaking down the production, the lyrics and the short film will make a lot of our goals pretty clear,” O’Shea said. I think is about laying down the breadcrumbs and getting people into a world where we take ourselves a little bit more seriously and snort about the intentions behind it: a lot of work.”

“I want people who are interested in this kind of work, who are interested in doing something with their music and not just putting it out there, to know that it is possible. added Heno. “There are many ways to use our music to make an impact.”

Learn more about ‘In The Meantime’ and Heno’s Restorative Justice Initiative Web3 Philanthropic Departmentvisit him Official site up to the drop.

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