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This uber-luxury NFT collectibles furniture oscillates between reality and metaverse

Metaverse Probably an obscure concept. But it’s just a fragment of the individual imagination. After Zuckerberg’s Facebook rebranded to Meta, the 3D virtual space called Metaverse became a partial virtual fashion underpinned by the concept of non-fungible tokens. NFTs allow the purchase of intangible items in the Metaverse. This is for display purposes only and cannot be used. Trimming that part for our little imagination, Studio Monde Singulier is anticipating the launch of ultra-luxury furniture for the virtual and real world. Therefore, it is possible to provide the same collectible furniture for the Metaverse home and the physical living room.

Monde Singulier, co-founder of Sebastien Baert, is excited by putting furniture in the natural environment, playing with space design, 3D artistry, eye-catching shades and materials. Chair, table, And the bed is awe-inspiring to the audience. The exaggerated character that comes to mind instantly infiltrates the mind, knocks the diminishing story back and forth, and immediately moves the mind.

designer: Monde Singulier

Do you want to get it? How much do you pay for furniture? NFT It’s best not to answer, at least until the “Rêveries” (collection of furniture) breaks into the Metaverse. Rêveries consists of four luxuries furniture A collection that vibrates between reality and imagination. It spans eight exquisite concepts. The Le Champ, La Prairie, Le Lagon, and Le Desert collections are designed for both the Metaverse and the real world. If not all of them, “some furniture” will be available in the real world, and “every single piece of furniture will be auctioned in the Metaverse,” Monde Singulier demonstrates through its web page.

Decorating chairs and tables with pure white images, throwing and flipping in virtual environments, the design studio website focuses on the design of “super-luxury space and collectable furniture for both worlds.” And it’s worth a look until NFT and online retailers open. Our interest.

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