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This NFT project returns a profit to its holders within one week after mint, beating the downtrend market

The MadManga team announced that shortly after the FOMO Stone NFT was sold out, each owner would be rewarded with at least 0.1 ETH via airdrop. Rewarding owners shortly after release is a rare action to take for a new project, especially given what happened during the week of the famous US dollar stablecoin free fall blunder. The project went against the grain of a confused market for the simple reason to its owner.[MadManga’s] Partnership with Allizart is profitable and we [all 1,500 OG holders]“. THis announcement also reflects the newly announced DAO strategy that 30% of online or offline profits will be returned to holders. The above has received great praise in the book. The team’s gestures excited the community that they hadn’t come yet and increased everyone’s confidence in HODL. The event also doubles the minimum price for FOMO Stone NFTs and may be less available in the secondary market. Interestingly, the community is secretive and neither noisy nor flashy. The holder’s decision not to sell or list is also the reason why its trading volume is the least active.

Fearing people playing them for suckers, many NFT newcomers have become more cautious about choosing NFT projects. Therefore, many projects are currently under closer scrutiny. The most common are projects that don’t sell out, projects with minimum rates below mint and NGMI, sad but true. Therefore, projects that are sold out or the floor exceeds the mint price are worth seeing again. MadManga FOMO Stone will be the first sold-out project released shortly after the mega-sized Metaverse land sale, when all other projects changed the Mint date by a week to avoid high gas costs. I didn’t show any fear. Mad Manga’s appeal against the downtrend is true.

When Mad Manga goes to Phase 2 of the sale, The company I’m curious about what else will come to the store for shoppers. is Not to mention the intriguing what the team has done so far, the two lit animated shorts they produced should excite those who see them.

According to the official website and Discord community information, the second wave release has not yet been announced, with 2,700 remaining (4,200 in total). People’s only chance is to get these NFTs from the secondary market, take part in the action and become the first 1,500 holders. This is said to have the most benefits. MadManga FOMO Stone NFT is a must-see project for anyone who loves, creates, writes, and wants to participate in rewards in a highly nerdy and fun community.


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