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This CryptoPunk NFT Just Sold For $250,162 in ETH

CryptoPunks is a generative art collection and one of NFT’s first applications for digital art. There are only 10,000 punks, some of which are believed to be lost forever.

What’s wrong: CryptoPunk # 5283 sold at 84.95 ETH (CRYPTO: ETH) ($ 250,162 USD). The value of CryptoPunks is usually determined by the attributes of the punk, and the characteristics of hoodies, beanies and pilot helmets are most coveted. Other types of punctures (zombies, apes, aliens) are extremely rare and are sold at a premium.

The list of its attributes and the number of other punctures with the same characteristics are:

  • type: Male (6,039)
  • accessories: Geek glasses (572)
  • accessories: Do-Rag (300)
  • accessories: Normal Beard Black (289)
  • accessories: 3 attributes (2,428)

Important reason: Cryptopunk is the ultimate rookie card for NFT collectors. CryptoPunks gained significant influence in 2021. Dozens of celebrities proudly show off punk ownership on Twitter.. Cryptopunk sales are a key indicator of the rest of the NFT market, showing that some are willing to spend serious coins on blockchain-based art.

Price action: Ethereum is currently trading at $ 2,978.52, up 2.56% in the last 24 hours.

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