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These Urine-Loving Goblintown Ethereum NFTs Now Cost $16K

If you have been using CryptoTwitter recently, you may ask yourself. WTF, are all these goblin NFTs clogging my feed?we Kevin Spin-off from Pixelmon, CryptoDickButts, MFers … and now this??

But if you’re lucky enough to avoid a lot of memetic-containing JPG feeds, Decryption Introducing the one and only Goblin Town.

Goblin Town is not a real place. It is a state of mind with moans, moans, memes, and a timeless attachment to urine and feces. The community misspelled more words than kindergarten children (which is intentional), and its official OpenSea description is in some identifiable words embedded within all-capitalized letters. Not too much.

You will need at least $ 16,000 to join this exclusive community of Gibberish-speaking fetishists. The minimum purchase price (minimum price) for one Goblin Town NFT has more than doubled overnight from 3.9 ETH to 8.95 ETH at some point on Wednesday. This is equivalent to a drop in this market of about $ 16,600.

So far, the best goblin sales have been one-on-one oak NFTs. 77.75 ETH ($ 144,600) At Looks Rare early Wednesday morning.butPlease note that this may be a product on the marketRampant Wash trade..

Anyway, some people are paying 5-6 digits for ugly goblins— —sandbox Blockchain Metaverse The game purchased 1-of-1 Goblintown NFT at OpenSea a week ago 26 ETHApproximately $ 48,000.

Perhaps dear readers, you may be asking yourself, why does anyone on the planet buy such an ugly thing? NFT— A unique blockchain token that shows ownership of an asset — thousands of dollars?

That’s a good question. For one thing, the NFT community has a lot of “degensSomeone who enjoys “aping” to new projects.

In addition, according to OpenSea data, the Goblin Town Collection, which currently has 4,600 unique owners, “is proud of the lack of a roadmap. No discord. No utilities.” NFT prices are The reason for the soaring seems to be less and less to have a clearer rhyme or reason than “for memes”.

For the most part, it’s teeth About memes. There are many goblin town memes online, 1-of-1 NFT Based on the Pixelmon collections Very meme Kevin.

Image: The Goblin Town NFT community is working on “McDonald’s” jokes due to the downturn in each crypto market. Source: Twitter.

Goblin Town has already been fooled by mainstream consciousness for the past week and a half from free mint. Kristy Tillman, Netflix’s Product Design Director, is called Goblintown’s. Twitter space Last week (where NFT holders made a goblin sound) “Absolutely new lows Or shine.. The line here is very thin. “

With Proof Collective Moonbird NFT Co-founder Justin Mezel He called Goblin Town a “crazy journey,” but admitted that “the atmosphere of Goblin Town isn’t for me.”

Markus Magnusson, Founder Ethereum Invisible Friends of the NFT collection suggested that hype around Goblin Town is “killing” other NFT collections, including himself.

But Twitter’s NFT community sees it differently. And there’s a simple reason to spatter on images of creatures with features such as “Flappy”, “Dawwww”, “Clubbin time”, and “BLING G”.

“Why did you buy this goblin for over $ 11,000?” NFT Nick.eth I have written.. “That was good content.”

Much of Goblin Town’s success seems to come from the very comical and ugly associated art.

“Oops. I did goblins in 8.1[ETH].. Look at this ugly F’r ” Boring Ape Yacht Club Owner I have written On Twitter.

As an NFT community Rally Around Goblin JPG, many people are worried. The Founder Goblin Town Speculation..

Self-proclaimed “meme lover” Admitted Even they were confused by the rise in floor prices in Goblin Town.

“Whatever you thought you knew about the NFT market you didn’t know,” they write.[and] Obviously I’m not. “

But if you think you’ve done everything the Goblin Town founders were trying to do, think again.

mysterious Tweet Written in Goblin’s Peak appeared on the official Twitter page Wednesday morning, suggesting that it could be dropped for free from the official Goblin Town website this Friday night. The tweet appeared with an image that could only be called a mutant burger juice.

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