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The Top 8 Metaverse Coins To Buy In December 2022

As the Metaverse becomes an integral part of our daily lives, those who join when the technology is still in its infancy can expect substantial returns. It is to use crypto coins and that is what is being discussed today.

In this article, we will discuss about 8 best metaverse coins to invest in and why intellectuals think they might actually outperform in the next bull market.

1. Metacade (MCADE): Web3 Community Hub for Metaverse Games

Metacade is a platform aiming to be the ultimate community hub for all Web3 and Metaverse games. Metacade’s vision is to create a fun and vibrant hangout where gamers, cryptocurrency investors, developers and entrepreneurs can come together and collaborate. Metacade allows you to discover the best Metaverse titles to play and earn, explore multiple earning opportunities, and participate in the creation of the next wave of Web3 games.

The platform allows you to publish reviews, view leaderboards, find trending games, interact with other users in real time, and discover elites. game phi Use Alpha to gain an edge in the latest metaverse titles. One of the best parts is that every time you share a review, contribute an alpha version, or contribute other useful content to the community, you will be rewarded with native MCADE tokens.

These rewards are likely to attract some of the best Web3 gamers to share their expertise with the Metacade community, but even non-pros can earn by sharing the thoughts and tips they find. In addition to a typical arcade setup, Metacade also plans to host tournaments, prize draws, test environments, and even entire job boards.

One of Metacade’s main goals is to bring gaming back into the hands of gamers through Metagrants. Meta-Grants provide life-changing funding to developers building games that the community wants to play. To win a Metagrant, a developer must get the most votes for her idea in one of her Metagrant contests. Once development is complete, the finished title will be added to his Metacade’s virtual arcade. Ultimately, Metacade’s goal is to make dozens of community-backed games available to the world. So while some Metaverse projects are based on only one of his titles, Metacade includes the entire game catalog.

Perhaps most importantly, Metacade Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Once the initial development of the platform is complete. This would result in the core team stepping back and handing over leadership roles to his members of the community. From this point on, each key decision will be voted on by his MCADE owner, making Metacade the world’s first community-owned virtual arcade.

Overall, Metacade provides the community space needed for play-to-earn and Metaverse games. It’s full of valuable features that are likely to attract thousands of players looking for a place to call gaming’s future home, and with MCADE tokens still on presale, we’re hoping someday soon. Offers excellent investment opportunities to acquire. To be considered a pioneer in Play-to-Earn and Metaverse games. Metacade was first picked as the best Metaverse coin to invest in.

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2. ApeCoin (APE): One of the hottest Metaverse coins

ape coin is the transaction token for other side, the metaverse developed by Yuga Labs. This is the same team behind the world-famous Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection in collaboration with The Sandbox’s parent company, Animoca Brands. Yuga’s goal is to build an open and interoperable metaverse that goes far beyond what is possible with current metaverse projects.

Set on a faraway planet, Otherside is the foundation of an immersive, 11-part narrative where thousands of players explore, build, and take on Koda, the alien inhabitants of Otherside. can see Players can also turn her NFTs from various collections into playable characters, giving him the chance to own land known as Otherdeeds in this metaverse.

Otherdeeds has achieved over $1 billion in volume since its launch in April 2022, showing just how excited players are to experience The Otherside. ApeCoin is likely to see a significant increase in demand once Otherside launches in 2023, making him his second choice as one of the best metaverse coins to invest in.

3. Axie Infinity (SLP/AXS): Popular metaverse title

Axie Infinity is a play-and-earn metaverse game that is most often compared to Pokémon. Players will have the chance to assemble teams of monsters called Axies and take on other players to win two of his crypto tokens, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), which can be sold for cash. . Each Axie is stored as his NFT on the blockchain, enabling trading on the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Axies can also be bred to create rare and unique Axies of his that earn huge sums of money (hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases).

Players can choose to farm the resources needed to complete quests, fight in player versus environment (PvE) mode, and breed new Axies. This may sound simplistic, but it’s a compelling model with over 1.7 million buyers generating over $4 billion in total across his Ronin chain (crypto slam ), a blockchain dedicated to Axie Infinity. As such, AXS is his third contender for the best metaverse coins to invest in.

4. Sandbox (SAND): Open world to explore and build

sandbox An open-world metaverse almost entirely user-generated and built using native VoxEdit and Game Maker tools. Users can monetize their creations by selling objects created with VoxEdit or by monetizing games and experiences. To start construction, he must first own a parcel of land, represented on the blockchain as LAND NFT. Whole theme parks, nightclubs and games created in user-owned LAND can be logged on and enjoyed.

Alongside the LAND there is also an ASSET NFT that stores all the objects in the game. This allowed him to trade them on the sandbox’s marketplace, and today, characters, sculptures, cars, and more can be purchased with his SAND tokens. Through all these features, Sandbox has attracted many important brands to its metaverse, including Gucci, Warner Music Group and HSBC. Taking all this into consideration, Metaverse Coin is an easy 4th pick to invest in.

5. WAX (WAXP): The NFT Blockchain of Choice for Many Brands

wax , or the Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a blockchain-based solution for trading digital items. Created by OPSkins, one of his world leaders in digital collectibles trading, it provides a dedicated, carbon-neutral network for storing and trading in-game items using WAXP tokens. WAX is focused on facilitating the digital integration of your brand, giving you everything you need to create amazing NFT collections at scale.

The WAX ​​blockchain is already impacting the crypto world. Alien Worlds, another metaverse game later on this list, actually uses his WAX blockchain. This is important given that Alien Worlds is the dApp with the most daily active players in the entire crypto ecosystem (Dapp Radar ). Brands like Funko, Topps, Capcom, Lionsgate, and Atari have used his WAX to launch his NFT collections, and he’s definitely using WAX for his forays into the metaverse. That is why WAXP is his 5th pick as one of the best metaverse coins to invest in.

6. Star Atlas (ATLAS/POLIS): Gorgeous Interstellar Metaverse Experience

star atlas is one of the most visually stunning metaverse projects on the market. Create an immersive interstellar experience with VR spaceship travel, detailed planets, and massive multiplayer battles using Unreal Engine 5. The goal of Star Atlas is to expand your space empire by exploring the galaxy with factions, mining resources, upgrading your spaceships, and finding rare artifacts scattered across space.

Each Star Atlas item is stored on the Solana blockchain, making it virtually free and super fast to trade. Players are also encouraged to expand their mining capabilities as mined assets can be exchanged for his ATLAS which can be used to upgrade ships, weapons and tools. Star Atlas itself is his DAO. This means that POLIS token holders can vote to implement changes to the game. Star Atlas is not yet ready for release, but is scheduled for 2023. He could be one of the most immersive metaverse projects. So POLIS is the 6th best metaverse coin to invest in.

7. Alien Worlds (TLM): One of the Most Played Metaverse Games

alien world is a sci-fi themed play-to-earn metaverse where users can complete quests, stake TLM, and battle other players to earn Trillium (TLM). Alien worlds like Star Atlas allow the player to mine planets for his TLM and NFT based rewards. Over time, players can rank up their mining equipment to increase their capacity. This means you get more loot. They can also become interstellar landlords, buying in-game land and renting it out to other players to mine.

Alien Worlds also offers a unique gamified staking system that offers NFT rewards such as new tools, weapons, and minions (used in battles against other players). The longer you wager TLM, the better rewards you get! While the mechanics may sound simple, Alien Worlds has attracted a huge number of players, nearly 500,000 of them this week alone. playing (Dapp Radar ). Starting around the end of 2021, Alien Worlds said he’s maintained 160,000-250,000 active players per day, considering many other play-tweeting player counts have declined since then. And this is impressive. This makes TLM the 7th best metaverse coin to invest in.

8. Illuvium (ILV): Blockchain-based RPG

irbium is a 3D open-world RPG in which players capture and battle Irubials, giant beasts scattered throughout vast landscapes. Each Illuvial is stored in the player’s wallet as his NFT, with over 100 collectibles. Once a player has fully leveled up and he has obtained three he-Illuvials, they can be merged in a process called fusion to create one more powerful he-Illuvial. This will give you better performance in battle and get a higher price.

The player’s character also participates in these battles. In short, getting better weapons and armor is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in Illuvium. Since each item in the game is his NFT, it can be bought and sold through multiple means, including Illuvium’s decentralized exchange and third-party marketplaces such as OpenSea. Like Star Atlas, Illuvium also uses his Unreal Engine to generate beautiful graphics, making him one of the most graphically advanced Metaverse his games on the market. Combining an immersive story with a unique environment, his Illuvium seems to be a Metaverse winner with ILV tokens as his 8th pick for best Metaverse coins to invest in.

Metacade (MCADE) is the top choice of the best Metaverse coins for investment

The Metaverse market is expected to be a multi-trillion dollar opportunity over the next few decades, according to. goldman sachs This means that participating in this phase can yield incredible returns. It remains to be seen which projects will have a long-term existence, but the Metaverse coins on this list are likely to outperform in the coming years, most notably Metacade.

Metacade provides both a community platform, a key component of the game, and a repository for the metaverse and knowledge gained as you play. We all know that this technology is evolving rapidly. Metacade offers a solution to this problem, providing a place for players to immerse themselves in Metaverse games and learn.

As mentioned above, Metacade is an even more attractive investment opportunity as the MCADE token is still pre-sold. If you are thinking of participating, hurry up! This is because the sooner you buy, the more MCADE you get. For example, in Phase 1 of the presale, you can get 125 MCADE for $1. In Phase 9, you can get just 50 MCADE for every $1. This means that an early entrant could potentially more than double long-term returns. If you’d like to step onto her ground floor with one of her potential leaders in the Metaverse and Play-to-Earning Games, check out Metacade’s pre-sale now.

You can participate in the Metacade presale Here.


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