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The Shifters NFT collectables outstripped all expectations with the rapid sale of their first drop of tokens, with $1,000,000 purchased in just under 1 hour and growing rapidly

London, February 2, 2022 / PRNewswire / -Shifters is a collection of 10,000 unique hand-painted robots NFTs and this week (January 31, 2022 Greenwich Mean Time 6:00 pmThe first drop of 10,000 tokens was released with a minimum price of 0.22 ETH each, but most of the list was above 0.4 ETH.

Their sales were spectacular and NFTs surged at a rate of about once per second.

Elaborately designed, is a type of perceptual, living robot that can migrate to a variety of machines, representing an elaborate backstory that owners are trying to extend into an interactive metaverse.

Robot NFT was released for public sale at a highly successful digital marketing campaign against over 126,000 discord members who completely filled the 1,500 white list.

The first launch attracted a great deal of interest from tech investors, but it also attracted many first-time buyers to the Liza Shafashion designer Scott HenshallAnd influencer Angie Marqueria have revealed that they are one of the many new entrants to NFT investment and intend to buy shifter tokens on social media.

Matt, administrator of Discord, said:This was a great announcement. We thank our growing community for making this a huge success. The number of Discords is increasing day by day, and FP has started to increase from the beginning.There are so many special plans for the future of shifters to bring more utilities and really benefit this project.. “

With the successful launch of Phase 1, the Shifters project is currently moving forward with the planned expansion roadmap. After receiving the minted shifter collectors, you will receive a high resolution 2,000 x 2,000 PX copy of their NFT. It is very detailed, skillful and lovingly created.

Owners are admitted to several fascinating giveaways, including the next drop, a preview of the vintage shifter.

There are plans to develop an art gallery show of physical representation of NFT shifter artwork, and a merchandise store. And finally, the creation of the Shifters ecosystem and metaverse to provide full interaction to NFT stakeholders.


Source UK NFT Art

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