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The RIAA Calls NFT Website HitPiece a ‘Scam Operation’

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sent a request yesterday (February 4th) to a lawyer representing Hit Piece. RIAA request This site stops infringing on the intellectual property rights of musicians.

Websites that are currently offline sell music related NFT.. Since its creation Some artists screamed About their work being used without their permission. The RIAA requires the site to provide a list of all auctioned NFTs and artwork, as well as a list of site activities.

The request was written by Jared Freedman, Senior Vice President of the RIAA. “Your client operations have recently been described in various ways as” fraud, “” complete fake, “” immorality, “” unethical, “and” fraud. ” Of course, all these criticisms are accurate. The client seems to claim that the NFT doesn’t actually contain any recordings (which could really correspond to yet another form of fraud), but that’s undeniable. To promote and sell NFTs, clients use the record company’s recording artist’s name and images, along with copyrighted album art and other protected images, and the rights belonging to the record company and its artists. did. Complete Theft of Clients Of these valuable intellectual property rights, it is as exorbitant as it is brave. “

Ken Doroshow, RIAA’s Chief Legal Officer, called the site “just a fraud.” He blamed the site for its fans’ love of music and their desire to connect more closely with artists because they couldn’t get the rights they needed.

“Fans were believed to be buying NFTs that were truly related to the artists and their work, but they weren’t,” he says. “The operator seems to have taken the main HitPiece site offline for now, but this move fairly explains the damage that HitPiece and its operators have already done so that this site or copycat simply doesn’t resume the scam. I needed to do it with a different name. “

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