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The Nightly Mint: Daily NFT Recap

Another brand is putting their money where their mint is. And so is another festival.Powerfully conclude the latest week Nightly mintAnd conclude the day’s NFT action on Friday, March 4th, no matter what time of day it is for you.

Let’s do the latest review.

Nightly mint

SXSW with Festival NFT

With today’s announcement focused on product offerings at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2022, the Austin, Texas festival shares hats, T-shirts, tote bags, posters, and, of course, NFT. Did.Fest releases its own PFP character titled “SXS Critter” According to today’s release March 11th next week.

Latest Mint: CVS Next On the Block

The brand has been devoted to NFT for the past year or so, and the latest non-traditional brand for that is seemingly healthcare retailer CVS Health. A Trademark application Announced today from late February, it details the brand’s attempt to trademark the logo for use in virtual products, NFTs, online stores and more.

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Polygon's (MATIC) Metaverse Lead Brian Trunzo went on record at ETHDenver to say he believes that retailers entering NFTs is just the beginning, and that he "think(s) that anything that can be come an NFT will become an NFT." | Source: MATIC-USD on

“Mint Fresh” Take

Not the freshest take of mentha … Despite the high expectations around Pixelmon, it looks like the labor outcome was only in the “Kevin” meme. Unfortunately. As the pioneering cryptocurrency @zachxbt points out, the Pixelmon team seems to be fixing the bag. The Pixelmon team’s social account claims to have a complete view of the project.

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