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The New Mastersounds Share New Single “Let Me In From the Cold” ft. Lamar Williams Jr. Off of Their Forthcoming Album ‘The Deplar Effect’

international funk group new master sounds Released the second single “Let Me in From The Cold” from the group’s 17th album. Depra effect Recorded at Floki Studios. Located in the valley of his Deplar Farm in Eleven Experiences on Iceland’s Troll Peninsula, Floki Studios has become a purpose-built studio to host and produce sessions for some of the most notable acts in today’s music scene. Guitarist and bandleader Eddie Roberts’ label Color Red partnered with Eleven Music to release the album as its first release, and the session was the first to take place in the brand new studio.

In Shake It, the band’s previous release released in 2019, with vocals Depra effect It follows suit featuring Williams on a number of songs, including “Let Me In From The Cold.” Inspired by the harsh Icelandic climate, “Let Me In From The Cold” is about a frosty relationship between a “hard to get” woman and a man begging for her affection. It’s a humorous song. Between Williams’ vocals and the band’s tight instrumental work and snappy turnarounds, this track is so danceable, his ’60s soul reminiscent of Ray’s Charles and Mose’s Allison. It’s an uptempo that agrees with.

The band’s move out to Floki Studios means they’ve met in person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. Surrounded by beautiful weather, snow-capped mountains, water and the comfort of a brand new studio in North Iceland, the group was able to work on new work without distractions. , was inspired by the “effect” of citing many moments that give you goosebumps or exude energy in a room. Depra effect..

Last month, The New Mastersounds released their debut NFT project in partnership with Lively and Blockparty. This allows fans to claim a free NFT and access the live stream of one of the band’s only performances this year on the island of Menorca, Spain, with Live Q & A Plus. Exclusive download of the additional single “Watchu Want” from The Depalr Effect. The band will continue to enhance NFTs by offering additional services and opportunities to make free NFTs available to fans through album promotional campaigns.

Depra effect You can now pre-order vinyl on the Color Red website.Click for additional information and order here.

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