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The Future of Sports Includes NFTs and Tokenization

new report by PwC lists NFTs and other digital assets as one of the top 10 key trends in the sports industry.

A report detailing the outlook for sports in North America reveals that the future of the sports industry is at a crossroads with Non-substitutable token.

Citing factors ranging from changes in sports technology infrastructure to facilitating fan engagement, the report pointed out three key ones. NFT use cases in the sports industry..

Collected items

Their first use is collectible NFTs. This refers to a platform that sells collectible and certified limited edition digital content. It is already beginning to be adopted in mainstream sports.

Specifically, the report describes the digitization, creation, and trading of player trading cards, match tickets, and other objects and materials that can be placed on the blockchain. These collections can be mislabeled or shared throughout the Metaverse.

We have witnessed this success and longevity as Dapper Labs continues to popularize this application as follows: NBA top shot.. This NFT symbolizes nostalgia and some of the NBA’s greatest memories and is a highlight in history. In 2021, Dapper Labs will occupy approximately $ 827 million worth of transactions, demonstrating the steadily growing potential of other games in addition to Axie Infinity.

Tokenized path

Apart from collectable use cases, NFTs can also take fan loyalty and fan experience in sports to the next level by offering verified tokenized passes to members of the season ticket. increase.

Season ticket owners already have special privileges from the club, but having an NFT allows them to get digital tokens for the games they participate in and get special benefits even if they lose their physical card. increase.

Virtual access token

Finally, NFTs can provide virtual access tokens to sports fans who prefer the virtual experience that comes with the space. The demand for these virtual tokens will increase as interest in the space associated with the Metaverse grows and soars to new highs.

They can be likened to a virtual version of a season ticket that offers owners benefits such as player cams, bench cams, and even access to virtual locker rooms.

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