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The first ‘NFT restaurant’ will run you as much as $14,000 for an exclusive VIP membership — but you’ll have to bring your wallet to pay the tab | Currency News | Financial and Business News

Fish on display on the fly fishing club website.

from now on Fly fishing club The restaurant is being billed as the first restaurant to sell membership through non-fungible tokens and offers premium private dining as the demand for digital assets is skyrocketing.

According to Fortune magazineThe seafood-inspired restaurant opened in New York City in 2023 and features a cocktail lounge, a 150-seat dining room, an unannounced outdoor space, and a 14-seat Japanese “Random” room. increase. In the private section.

The “Omakase Experience” in a private room promises an “Omakase Experience” led by a sushi chef who flies fish every day and cooks carefully selected dishes.

You can’t dine here yet, but Flyfish Club began selling membership this month through NFTs, or digital representations of collectibles such as art and music, and now dining memberships. VCR Group, the hospitality company that manages the Flyfish Club project, told Fortune that it has already raised $ 14 million through the sale of about 1,500 tokens.

There are two layers of membership, which can be obtained by purchasing Flyfish Club NFT using ether, a cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum blockchain. The price of the “fly fishing” tier is 2.5 ether, which is about $ 8,264 on Friday. The price for the premium “Fly Fishing Random” level is 4.25 ether, or about $ 13,930.

The Flyfish Club project will be launched in the 2021 NFT market Worth $ 41 billionAccording to the blockchain data company Chainalysis.The major milestones in the market last year $ 69 Million NFT Artwork Sold by Auction House Christie’s..

The Flyfish Club NFT, which appears as a colorful rendering of a rice ball-like sushi style, allows members to enter the dining club. However, membership has other benefits. VCR Group CEO David Rodolitz told Fortune that members can “lease and sell even when they’re out of town.”

The magazine said the tokens have already been resold on the NFT marketplace High seas Between members of the Flyfish Club and those who want to become members.

However, there is no particular benefit. Flyfish Club membership requires you to purchase NFTs using cryptocurrencies, but members must pay for food and drink in fiat money (that is, traditional US currency).

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