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The Costacos Collection Announces Launch of Sports NFT Marketplace Built on the Flow Blockchain | News

Los Angeles and Seattle-(BUSINESSWIRE)-February 4, 2022-

Today, the Costa Kos Collection has announced its second NFT drop in partnership with four legendary NFL quarterbacks: Troy Aikman, Warren Moon, Jim McMahon and Dan Marino. Following the company’s first drop with GOAT Willie Mays in baseball, QB Legend Collection Reimagine the iconic 80’s / 90’s Costacos posters of the four quarterbacks in a new digital format. In addition, quarterbacks work closely with John Costacos and acclaimed digital artist Mike Kampau to create a whole new 3D artwork that captures the decisive moments and themes from the player’s legendary career. created. A portion of the proceeds from the drop will be donated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Conservation Fund, an organization that supports HOF members and their families.

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The Costa Kos Collection is affiliated with Troy Aikman, Warren Moon, Jim McMahon and Dan Marino in the QB Legend Collection (Graphics: Business Wire).

Collectors can access newly launched drops market. The Costacos Collection has entered into a strategic technical partnership with GigLabs to build the Flow blockchain and participate in the NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, and UFC Strike created by Dapper Labs. Through this partnership, the Costacos Collection has built its own NFT marketplace on the eco-friendly Flow blockchain and joined other Gig Labs partners including CNN, Turner Sports, Athletes Unlimited, Speedway Motorsports, University of Miami and more. The Costacos Collection Marketplace includes full credit card support and simple wallet sign-up that requires only an email address.

“We couldn’t expect a group of more exciting legacy athletes to partner with for the launch of the Costacos Collection Marketplace,” said CEO Justin Mulad. “Troy, Warren, Jim, and Dan each have their own personality and career path, representing the generation of NFL culture depicted in the original Costacos poster. Bringing these iconic images back to life. I’m honored to help you. It’s an honor to see John and the players working together to create a whole new digital art that the corps of fans believes is passionate about collecting. “

“We loved working with all athletes, pitchers, home run hitters, point guards, linebackers, all of them,” Costacos said. “But nothing was as great as creating an image in the NFL quarterback, because it’s a man with all the firepower to make a successful attack. Jim McMahon printed in 1986. It was the first poster I did. In Chicago, 2,000 miles away from home, I had two kids with ideas but no experience, dressing up like Madmax and taking pictures of the NFL’s biggest superstar. Next to a bear cub living in the midst of a thunderstorm. Jim is bigger than life and has just led the Chicago Bears to their only Super Bowl victory and is at the forefront of sports pop culture. I didn’t know how to pull it off, but somehow we did it and had a lot of fun, and so did Jim. Fortunately, the shot went well, and I became one of the greatest posters of all time, and Jimmy Mack’s lifelong friend. “

“Participating in the Costa Kos collection was something that every athlete of our time dreamed of. It was like being in a Wheaties box, but on the walls of every bedroom of fans across the country. It was even better because it was hanging, “McMahon said. “It’s pretty cool that Mad Mac was the first and the beginning of everything. I still have it on the wall. And it’s just as cool to join this new era. With John Working creatively is a lot of fun. He is the most creative guy I know and when we’re done make sure we always sit for beer or 6 glasses increase.”

In addition to the digital reimagination of vintage Costa Kos posters, the company will launch the “HANDS OF THE GODS” series. It captures the unique grip of each quarterback against football. To create the piece, John visited each quarterback and inked his hands before playing football as before. John also worked with players to create a digital series that represents some of their most proud achievements. Celebrate his unprecedented five consecutive CFL Gray Cup Championships before advancing to the prolific NFL career, which will be Moon’s first Black Quarterback to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. For Ikeman, the celebration of the three Super Bowl Championships that helped him bring him back to the city of Dallas. An ode to Marino’s eternal importance to the city of Miami. For McMahon, it’s his iconic visual representation that defined the ’85 Bears and beyond. The players also worked closely with Mike Kampau to create a career-defining plaque inspired by the styles included in the Costa Kos collection. First drop with Willie Mays.. By adding its own physical elements to the drop, the company auctions an unprecedented outtake from the original poster shoot-in addition to digital collectors, the winner of the auction also receives the transparency of the original film. Finally, the collection will sell NFTs of official tour posters celebrating QB Legend Drop, created by Ames Brothers, known for their intricately designed concert posters for rock legends such as Pearl Jam and Metallica.

“It’s rare to be back in such a wonderful time from the past,” Akeman said. “Creating an original poster with John was a fun and unique experience, and it became one of my favorite images. Regaining John’s creativity and doing new work in an innovative way. It’s great to spend time with him to make it happen. “

“As an entrepreneur and a fan of pop culture, I’ve always loved John’s vision and innovative enthusiasm,” Moon added. “I love Moonlighting posters. I’m thrilled to see them flourish as digital art. I’m also excited about the all-new digital art form we’ve created. With today’s tools, John’s creativity is almost. It’s endless. I’m really proud to be part of this unique launch. “

“We have all seen an explosive growth in digital art and collectibles,” Marino said. “Sometimes it’s hard to understand what every topic is, but it’s different. It’s the best sport and pop culture, the creativity of the 80’s and 90’s, and today’s digital mastery. It’s a fusion of, and it’s put together by John Costa Kos, one of the people who started it all. Especially when the new generation sees Zubaz pants, I can’t wait to see the reaction. “

The QB Legend Collection Following the first drop in the Costacos collection, the Baseball Hall of Famer Willie Mays honors those who have started their lives by establishing a baseball academy for underprivileged young people who grew up in Alabama. All proceeds have been donated to the efforts of the Seihei Foundation, and to restore Rickwood Field’s historic baseball facility where Willie began his career at the Negro League Birmingham Black Barons. Drop tells the story of Willy’s major road from Birmingham’s Fairfield Industrial High to the Negro American League, culminating in his move to the 1951 Rookie of the Year Award-winning New York Giants. .. The edition’s work captures key themes and statistics of those eras, and the 1/1 Hero’s work tells a story with a number of personal documents and images never seen before from Willie’s journey. Added to-especially a copy of Willie’s high school diploma, he was assigned a career in “washing, dyeing, pressing”. The work included a narration by Bob Costas, a powerful story of Willie, the iconic voice of sports. Bob Costas joined Maze and donated to the Baseball Academy and Rickwood Field’s restoration project.

About the Costa Kos Collection -Founded by renowned sports poster artist John Costacos, the Costacos collection has partnered with legendary athletes and their foundations to create and sell best-in-class digital art as a non-fungible token. By focusing only on the best athletes in the world, the Costa Kos collection can work closely with player partners to create art that is very personal and meaningful not only to the players themselves but also to the collectors. increase. To date, the Costacos collection has partnered with athletes such as Willie Mays, Warren Moon, Troy Aikman, Pudgerodriguez, Roger Clemens, Jim McMahon, Will Clark, Andrew Jones, Dan Marino, Brian Bosworth and Steve Largent. For more information, please visit: When @CostacosCollect On Twitter.

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